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Grand Canyon South Rim

Campers resting at Grand Canyon South Rim

Which is better, Grand Canyon West Rim or Grand Canyon South Rim?

People ask me all the time… Should I do the South Rim Grand Canyon Tour or the West Rim Tour with the Skywalk.? Well, it can be a tough choice for some travelers. Do you want to go to the South Rim and see the beauty of the changing colors and the incredible depth of […]

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Sunrise at Grand Canyon West

Historical Facts About the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is the most stunning natural wonder in the world. The rock formations with beautiful colors and dramatic cliffs are fascinating in many ways. For scientists, geologists, historians, adventurers, and all types of visitors, it is a true treasure trove of amazement. It has something for everyone. It has the most incredible views, culture, […]

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Grand Canyon South Rim Hummer Adventure with Buck Wild Kids 900 x 500

Fun at the Grand Canyon South Rim with Kids: A Trip to Remember

Visiting the beautiful Grand Canyon South Rim with the help of a bus tour is much more than just a staring competition into the vividness and unending space. With your family by your side, it can be an amazing and incredible experience to the wonderful wonder of nature. It is more about the journey that […]

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Hikers at Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon South Rim Tours From Vegas

No trip to the west coast can be complete without soaking in the beauty of the iconic Grand Canyon. One falls short of words in describing this magnificent beauty carved by the might of the Colorado River for millions of years. One of the most accessible parts of the canyon, the south rim offers a […]

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Grand Canyon South Rim Coconino Plateau with Guide and Guest

Planning a Trip to the South Rim? Check out this Travel Itinerary!

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is located towards the northwest end of the Arizona state. It can easily be accessed via railway, plane, or car. Moreover, you can also book a quick trip with the help of the Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour. You can find the town Tusayan, Arizona, at the […]

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Tourist at Over Look at Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Day Tours From Vegas

The Grand Canyon needs no introduction for millions of people who visit the National Park every year. It is one of the most popular parks in the world, stretching for 277 river miles long. The beautiful rock formations with stunning colors, natural habitats and tribal culture, is perfect for a day trip from Las Vegas. […]

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Pink Jeep Guide Serving Lunch to Guest at Grand Canyon South Rim Coconino Plateau

Small Group Tour to Grand Canyon in a Pink Jeep Trekker

A Grand Canyon small group tour from Las Vegas is one of the best ways to explore the wonders of the South West. While large group bus tours are exciting too, small group tours offer a different kind of experience. You can choose from a wide range of Grand Canyon tours matching your traveling needs, […]

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Grand Canyon South Rim Family Viewing the Canyon 900 x 500

How to Choose The Best Grand Canyon South Rim Tours

Grand Canyon is the most stunning, and magnificent natural wonder in the world, which unsurprisingly attracts millions of visitors every year. The vast and beautiful stretch of natural rock formations is at least 6 billion years of history behind it. The beautiful, flowing colors on the rock give it a godly feel to the eyes. […]

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Guano Point at Grand Canyon West Rim

Vacationing in Vegas? Here’s why you should definitely visit the Grand Canyon!

If you’re planning a holiday in Las Vegas, make sure to take the time and schedule a day trip to the South Rim Grand Canyon. You couldn’t pick a better time to book then now ! The Grand Canyon is listed as one of the top seven natural wonders of the world. While Las Vegas […]

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Gray Line Luxury Bus 900 x 500

Grand Canyon Bus Tours: Here are a Few Facts You Must Know!

If you have seen the Grand Canyon only in pictures or videos, trust us, a visit to this majestic attraction is a once in a liftime experience. Ranked among the number #1 tourist attractions around the globe, the Grand Canyon draws millions of visitors from different parts of the world. However, even frequent visitors fail […]

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