Grand Canyon Tour: Which Rim Should You Visit?

Grand Canyon Tour: Which Rim Should You Visit?

You cannot expect to explore the entire Grand Canyon and enjoy all the spectacular views in a day. Mostly, tourists plan Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas for a day or two to visit the place and get confused about which rim to visit. However, the truth is, there’s not a particular rim that’s considered the best. Every spot inside the Grand Canyon is going to blow away your mind with its breathtaking beauty and sights to die for.

Choosing the Rim that will suit your interest will depend on two facts: the person you’re travelling with and your expectations from the Grand Canyon. Read on to know more about the different Rims

The South Rim

People visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time should go for the South Rim. Why? You ask! You’ll get to witness the most mesmerizing views, most activities and amenities, which will make the visit memorable. But, of course, it’s a cherry on top if you’re driving to the location all by yourself. With around two-dozen viewpoints to offer, the South Rim allows the visitors to look at the deepest floor. Mentioned below are some of the best viewpoints ever:

  • Mohave Point: You should visit Mohave point for a heavenly view during dusk. Multiple scenic points will allow you to get the perfect sunset picture with your loved ones.
  • Mather Point: The Mather Point will provide you with around 1/4th of the Grand Canyon.
  • Desert View: On a very clear day, this point will give you a view of around 100 miles from the northeast of Grand Canyon Village.
  • Grand Canyon Village: Your trip will be incomplete without paying a visit to the Grand Canyon Village. If you fancy history, then this place is for you. With so many historical structures, it’s an amazing place for suckers of history.

The West Rim

Have you booked a shorter trip for the Grand Canyon tours from Vegas? If so, then West Rim is the best place for you to pay a visit. You will have a peaceful experience here with your family as it’s very less crowded than other Rims. People who only have one day in their hands to visit the Grand Canyon should opt for this Rim. Here are some of the amazing scenic points and attractions are listed below:

  • The Skywalk

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is the hotspot for tourists in the Grand Canyon. The transparent bridge will give you a feeling of literally being on top of the world. Situated at 4000 feet from the ground level, it extends 70 feet away from Eagle Point’s edge. Built from five layers of glass, the skywalk is super safe and secure. So if you enjoy a good adrenaline rush, then this place is for you.

There is also the helicopter tour option with a 40 flight thru the canyon and landing on the bottom.

The North Rim

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of cities, then North Rim will provide you with that. The absence of many activities and amenities will make you feel close to nature. Unlike the South Rim, this area is less developed, and also it’s open only during the summer.

A visit to this place will give you a more natural and rugged picture of the Grand Canyon. Next, make sure to pay a visit to Cape Royal. Apart from being a great place to watch the sunset, Cape Royal also allows you an entire view from the east to the west. You can peek into the Colorado River, Walhalla Overlook, and Roosevelt Point from the North Rim. Experience the calmness of North Rim with your family and plan a trip right away!

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The East Rim

The thrill-seeker in you would love the East Rim as it’s underdeveloped and doesn’t ensure much safety. Since this part is very difficult to access, it will bless you with less crowd and raw views of the Grand Canyon. Even though the tourists have not much recognized the East Rim, it offers pretty good spots such as the LCR or Little Colorado River, which flows with a spectacular blue color during the summer months. Thanks to the mineral content!

Not merely that, you can also witness one of the largest natural bridges of the world, i.e. the Rainbow Bridge. The part of Lake Powell is an artificial reservoir situated between Utah and Arizona is another interesting spot to explore. The list is never-ending. All you need is ample time in your hand to explore these unofficial and under-developed sites in the East Rim.


We hope this article can guide you through different Rims of the great Grand Canyon. As we’ve listed all the major tourist hotspots in different Rims, we hope it helps you choose a spot when you plan a weekend getaway or family trip. As mentioned above, there’s no best Rim that will tickle everyone’s fancy. Different people have different notions of fun and enjoyment, and all the Rims together fulfil the expectations of different individuals.

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