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Can you visit the Grand Canyon during the summer?

With the sun shining full force over your head, visiting the Grand Canyon in the summer becomes troublesome. However, it’s not impossible to have fun at the same time. If you take care of certain aspects and execute proper preventive methods, you return with a truckload of fun memories at Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas.

Most people tend to ignore visiting the place due to its heat. But, we would suggest you visit this place despite the climatic situation. Every season has got some unique features to offer. Surprisingly, the most number of hikers in the Grand Canyon are noticed during the summers. How is that possible? How do they prevent themselves from falling prey to the scorching heat? Let’s find out.

Is the place visit worthy during summers?

If you reside in the states, you already know the importance of summer holidays and how seriously the natives take them. This time is ideal for vacation, especially if you’re a school-going kid. Sticking to a few guidelines will get you through the peak times of heat while ensuring you have had the most fun. The National Park Service strictly suggests maintaining a distance from the sun during the hottest time of the day, i.e., from 10 am to 4 pm.

Even though heat restrictions might not permit you to hike as much as you imagined, you’re still on the winning side. You are presented with numerous engaging activities that you can enjoy with your family without worrying about the extreme heat.

How to beat the heat?

Apart from one major drawback, summers have several positive aspects as well. For instance, the days are quite long, with warm and comforting weather and drier ground for excellent grip during hiking. Read on to find out the tactics that will help you beat the heat.

  • Bandana

While packing for your trip to the great Grand Canyon, don’t leave the bandana behind. It’s one of the essentials to save you from the wrath of summers. Wearing a bandana will protect the head, neck, and forehead from the scorching sun rays that are hard on your skin. You might not easily find sheltered areas in the Grand Canyon, so be prepared for whatever may come.

Plus, when the heat becomes too much for you, you can wet the bandana and put it back again. The Grand Canyon is a desert-like area that gets sandy when the breeze flows. The bandana can be used as a mask to prevent the sand and dust from entering your nose and mouth.

  • Sunscreen

Yet another absolute necessity to have one of the best Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas is sunscreen. Apply the sunscreen for at least 15 minutes before you step out under the sun. Make it a point to re-apply the sunscreen at an interval of a few hours.

When the sun strikes against your skin, you’d definitely want to be protected. Sunscreen is a powerful weapon to fight against the adverse effects of the sun. Apart from saving your skin from getting tanned, it also helps prevent sunburn. Choose a sunscreen with a broad-spectrum, water resistance characteristic and at least has SPF 30.  

  • Early departure

As mentioned above, it’s advised to avoid the peak hours, i.e., between 10 am to 4 pm. So, what you can do is, start your day a bit earlier than usual. Especially if you’re planning to hike, avoiding the mid-noon heat is essential. Most of the Grand Canyon areas lie under the naked sky and barely have any shelter for visitors. Post the hiking session; there are high chances that you might not find a shelter to rest.

The failure to find a cool shadow to accommodate your body might lead to severe sunstroke. And that’s definitely not how your want to end your trip. So, it’s strongly advised to set off early in the morning for the Grand Canyon and get over with your hiking.

  • Water break

Hiking on your Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas could be tough on your body. Packing your bags, traveling to the location, and hiking happens all in one go. It’s a thrilling yet exhausting experience. So, to help your body keep up with the mind, you’re advised to take optimum breaks to hydrate yourself.

Although your tour guide will take care of the water supply, it’s strongly advised to carry enough bottles of water for your hiking journey. Otherwise, the combination of the scorching heat and exhaustion from hiking could take a toll on your health.


Visiting the Grand Canyon won’t be much trouble during the summers if you stick to the tips and tricks mentioned above. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated, avoid caffeinated drinks, eat salty snacks, take frequent breaks whenever you find shelter, apply sunscreen, wear a hat, and you are good to go! The place is fascinating, encouraging, and worth every minute of your life. Even if you get time only during the summer holiday, don’t think twice before booking your tour guide. Go for it!

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