Amazing Award-Winning Helicopter Tours to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours From Las Vegas

Taking a Grand Canyon Tour from Vegas by helicopter is the best way to see the beauty and awesomeness of the Grand Canyon in its totality and especially if you are here visiting Vegas, short on time and you want to visit the Grand Canyon while you’re here. Besides after all the gambling, walking from casino to casino what better way to end your stay than with a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour from Vegas to see the mesmerizing beauty of the and majestic Canyon.

Touring the Grand Canyon by Helicopter and from the air, you can see hundreds of miles of valleys, vistas, and canyons that would normally take explorer months or even years to explore from the ground.
Helicopter Tours to the Grand Canyon from Vegas are popular when traveling to the West Rim and usually start anywhere from 175.00 and up depending upon the time of year you’re visiting the Canyon from Vegas.

A Grand Canyon Tour to the West Rim is fastest by helicopter however the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is limited by its distance to Las Vegas and the only way to the South Rim is by Motor Coach, SUV, or Airplane.
Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours from Vegas were not always available. In order to see the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas one had to go by motorcoach or luxury Bus. The roads to the Grand Canyon West Rim were not developed and the trip was long and bumpy. Not the best way to go to the Grand Canyon in those times.

However, Back in the late ’80s, before the roads were paved or going to the Grand Canyon in a helicopter from Vegas was a thing, a local man by the name of Lee Anderson along with help from his son in law Steve Mc Cloud and a few others went out the Grand Canyon to help the Hualapai Indians set up the picnic grounds and BBQ area so there was a place for Vegas visitors to go and see the beauty of the Grand Canyon. They also helped set up the logistics for the food and beverages suppliers, the sales, and marketing including the helicopter pads needed for the helicopter to land.

The first Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas began on Valentine’s Day in 1980. It was then that a member of the Vegas Tours team began booking tours to the Grand Canyon not only helicopter tours but airplane tours as well.

Today Steve Mc Cloud is still booking Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours from Vegas just as he did that first day back in 1980. He has in the past worked for Scenic Airlines in promoting tours by air and is presently a member and contributor to this website Vegas where he continues to book Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours from Vegas every week of every year.

If you want to see the Grand Canyon in all its glory then choose a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour from Vegas and if you want the best deal for less, then book your tour right here on Vegas Tours .com. We look forward to serving you. Our Adventure Tours last forever in the minds and hearts of all our clients.

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