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Fun at the Grand Canyon South Rim with Kids: A Trip to Remember

Visiting the beautiful Grand Canyon South Rim with the help of a bus tour is much more than just a staring competition into the vividness and unending space. With your family by your side, it can be an amazing and incredible experience to the wonderful wonder of nature. It is more about the journey that gets you there as compared to the destination itself.

Whether you plan on visiting the space, it is about stopping all along the pathway in order to enjoy the mystery and beauty of the desert space. With the help of the Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour, you can make the best of your time on board, especially when riding with the kids.

Here are some tips to help you make the best of it and enjoy a memorable time together.

1-Know the right time to visit the Canyon

Although the Grand Canyon is beautiful throughout the year, there surely is the best time when you can experience this nature’s marvel at its very best. However, one needs to keep in mind the fact that winter months can be a tad extreme, given the ice and snow accumulation that causes road closures.

The Canyon’s North Rim remains open only from the mid of May, going to October’s end. However, most travelers can simply visit the Canyon’s, South Rim. On the weekends during the high season, one might have to feel content with the heavy crowd that arrives at the Canyon’s national park as well as on roads. Spring break and summer are particularly popular with the visitors making through the canyon during the school break.

During the summers, the Phoenicians tend to escape the soaring temperatures in the valley and move on to a relatively cooler temperature zone in the high desert of the Canyon. The temperatures at Grand Canyon’s South Rim go as high as 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months, while the inner sections of the Grand Canyon have a relatively toastier temperature.

2-Be cautious when snapping photos with kids:

After you are done with all the oooh and ahhh of viewing the Grand Canyon, the next order of business is clicking some amazing selfies of group pictures with your family. However, when it comes to this part, make sure you be ever so careful when traveling with children. Given the fact that space could be so deep, it has been estimated that an average of two individuals die after they fall into the Canyon on a yearly basis. Although rare, every 1 in 400,000 visitors tend to experience this outcome that happens due to carelessness when capturing the perfect image of the canyon while hopping from one rock to another.

So, when out with kids for a visit with the Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour, make sure you keep your kids by your side at all times. If your child is small in age, you can make use of a reliable harness to help keep your kid attached to the safety of your body.

3-Hiking with the Kids: Yay or Nay

When visiting the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, all you need are a few hours in order to explore the beauty of the place. However, if you belong to a family of enthusiastic hikers, you can surely think about hiking. Make sure you do not opt for longer hikes and pack in all the necessities needed to safely hike through the canyon.

Keep in mind that going up shall be way harder as compared to going down. Make sure you and your children have packed in sturdy hiking shoes or athletic shoes to ensure they last you a long time regardless of the length of the hiking trail.

If you plan on camping with family, make sure you book the reservations about a year ahead of your date of journey.

4-Enjoy the dance performances by the Native Americans

When visiting the Grand Canyon in the summer months, make sure you check the signs put up by the local Hopi House to enjoy the traditional dance times held in Native American. The local Navajo troupe generally performs the traditional authentic dance forms at scheduled hours all through the day.

5-View it all through the Helicopter

If you want to see the canyon from a unique perspective, you can opt for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, which is surely something your children will never forget. Additionally, you could also board the chopper in order to descend into the vast floor of the Canyon.


So, the next time you plan your trip to the Grand Canyon, make sure you keep these things in mind and prepare accordingly. You surely deserve a good holiday with your kids, and this is something that will give you enough time to have a memorable experience with your young ones. Remember, sometimes, the journey is better than the destination.

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