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9 Facts about the Grand Canyon are bound to surprise you!

The awe-inspiring picturesque scape of the Grand Canyon has attracted tourists worldwide for decades now. However, a select few would be aware of the mysterious facts about the Grand Canyon. So, before you plan your  Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas learn about the difference between Grand Canyon, South & West Rim’s of the canyon.

The Grand Canyon has been preserved for more than 100 years now as a National Park. And the scenic beauty certainly deserves the acknowledgment that it receives today. Commemorating this fact, let’s find out about 9 interesting facts about the Grand Canyon.

The story of Grand Canyon begins about two billion years ago with the formation of the igneous and metamorphic rocks within the inner gorge. Layer upon layer of sedimentary rock, epresses a unique part of the environmental history of the Grand Canyon region. As we speak, these forces of nature are at work slowly deepening and widening the Grand Canyon along the Colorado River.7

The vast Colorado River has been carving away rock in the canyon for five to six million years. Just think about it, the oldest rocks in Grand Canyon are 1.8 billion years old.

1. The Grand Canyon can manipulate the area’s weather:

The Grand Canyon is elevation is from 2000 feet above ground level to 8000 feet. Due to these unimaginable elevation levels, the weather conditions across the Grand Canyon are highly influenced. Therefore, opt for early morning hours when you plan for a helicopter tour as the heat can affect your flight. The weather at the South Rim is about 20 degrees cooler than the temperature in Las Vegas. The West Rim is usually the same as Las Vegas.

As the day passes, the air pressure increases with hot air circulating above the Grand Canyon Rim. If you feel dizzy or experience motion sickness, you must be very aware about the flight schedules. Early morning or overcast days are better for flying and the best color saturation in your pictures, where a very bright sunny day can wash out some of the color.

2. Rhode Island is comparatively smaller than the Grand Canyon National Park ( South Rim ) :

The Grand Canyon stretches 277 miles in length and 18 miles in width and has a depth of over a mile deep. Even Rhode Island is measured as smaller than the Grand Canyon. Therefore, prepare for some visual treats on your Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas.

The Grand Canyon National Park measures 1,904 squre miles, while Rhode Island is just 1212 square miles. There is 1,218,375 acres of land in the Grand Canyon.

3. The Grand Canyon consists of carvings from 6 million years ago:

According to the experts, we know that the Grand Canyon was formed from erosion and the Geological activities of the Colorado River. Geography enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world are keenly interested in studying the geography of the Grand Canyon. There have been numerous indian tribes that have occupied the canyon over the years such as the Hopi, Navajo, Hualapai, Havasupi and Supi tribes not to mention the Piute, Zuni and Yavapai. The Hualapai currently own and control up to a million acres in the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. This is where the famous Grand Canyon Skywalk is located. There are many carvings and petroglyphs located in the canyon walls and only be found by hiking the canyon with an experienced tour guide. You can also see dwellings in the sides of the canyon walls while on a white water rafing trip.

If you are interested in knowing about the canyons history and geography, then the Grand Canyon is the best destinations to visit. While on tour be sure to stop in at Yavapai Point Visitors Center to learn more. It is located at the South Rim and is between the Bright Angel Lodge and Mather point. It is a gentle walk along a paved path. Approx. 2.5 miles long.

4. The Grand Canyon National Park boosts tourism in the United States:

Approximately 6 million people plan day trips or muliti day visits to the Grand Canyon National Park every year. So, if you haven’t yet visited the greatest show on earth, then it’s your cue to plan for a day trip by luxury motorcoach, small group tour  or a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. Make sure you book in advance, as they do sell out. Small groups tours can sell out up to 2 / 3 weeks in advance. Sightseeing day trips depart from Vegas daily. With budget family tours or semi private tours in small groups of 14 or less.The National Park was created in 1919 and has been a preserved treasure ever since. The total number of visitors then was 44,173. But, the numbers have increased tremendously now. Prior to the Covid Pandemic there was an average of up to 6,38 million recreational visitors to the Grand Canyon per year. In 2021 the visitor volume dropped to 4.5 million.

5. Several Hidden Caves are nestled in the Grand Canyon:

Although only 335 caves have been mentioned in the records, the Grand Canyon houses more than 1000 caves, according to the estimations made by experts. However, very few have been inventoried and mapped. And today, out of thousands of caves hidden beneath the mighty canyon, only one is open for tourism. It is located on Route 66 at the Grand Canyon Caverns.

6. Rock / Albert Squirrel is the most dangerous animal in the Grand Canyon:

The Grand Canyon National Park in Las Vegas is home to many species of animals. From the Gila Monsters to the Big Horn Sheep and California Condors as well as deer and mountain lions, you can find a variety of wild animals on your Grand Canyon tour. However, the most notorious animals in the region are the rock squirrels.

Several cases show visitors have been bitten by rock squirrels every year, causing much trouble and and a visit to the doctor. Therefore, it’s a warning you must take seriously! Stay away from the wild rock squirrels or any of the wild animals in the region. Many of them are at the Bright Angel Lodge. They won’t bother you unless you try to feed them Do not !!

7. Get to witness the aerial view of the Grand Canyon from the Skywalk / West Rim:

The Hualapai Tribal Nation of the West Rim manages the Skywalk overlooking  the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. The Hualapi operate and control all ticket and daily operations of the

Skywalk. They do not allow cameras or cell phones on the Glass Skywalk but do provide free lockers for your personal items. They have a professional photographer to take pictures for purchase. The path is designed into a horseshoe shape with a steel frame encompassing the glass floor.

When you step onto the Skywalk, get ready for your heart to skip a beat because of the mesmerizing view beneath your feet that the place exuberates. And for even more excitement book a helicopter flight with bottom landing from the top of the canyon rim with our  Grand Canyon West Rim helicopter tour combination tour. Allow approx. 1 hour to do this tour option.

Or choose the economical bus tour with the Skywalk included.

8. Keepsakes bought cannot be taken home:

The World Heritage place –Grand Canyon National Park, is a site with unique policies.

So, even if you are visiting the Grand Canyon National Park, you can take nothing back except for some gorgeous photographs for your Instagram and beautiful memories to cherish and purchased souvenirs. You cannot take rocks or items found on the ground !

9. The North and South Rim cannot be covered in a single day:

On paper, the South Rim and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon are just 10 miles apart, but it’s still impossible to cover both places in a single-day tour plan. Guess why! To drive across the National Park from the North region to the South, you will have to cross the loops of the canyon and drive through the Colorado River, which is no less than a 5 hours journey amounting to a distance of 215 miles.

It would be best if you opted for the helicopter rides offered in the Grand Canyon tour packages to make the most of your one-day trip to the scintillating beauty.


We hope you found the blog – 9 different facts about the Grand Canyon fascinating enough to plan your trip to the cznyon in advance, as they do sell out up to 2 weeks in advance. Look for packages offering Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas with discounts. But check the itineraries beforehand to avoid disappointment after arriving in Las Vegas.

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