The Best Grand Canyon South Rim Tours from Vegas

Grand Canyon tours from Vegas are very popular. More than one million people visit the Grand Canyon every year. It’s the most stunningly beautiful and magnificent natural formation. It’s a no wonder, it’s been a UNESCO World Heritage Site 1979.

The Grand Canyon is massive in size. Its 277 miles long and 18 miles wide and is one mile deep. What makes the structure and its surrounding areas standout is the varied terrain and flowing colors. You will find varied rock formations along the length of the Grand Canyon. You will find all types of landscape features here – forest, desserts, mesas, plateaus and more.

The Grand Canyon is divided into four parts – South Rim, West Rim, North Rim and the East Rim. The South and the West Rims are the most popular ones. The South Rim is even more popular. Its more commercialized than the others and has a wide range of things to offer.

South Rim tours are one of the best Grand Canyon tours. Its perfect for a family vacation.

Why the South Rim is More Popular?

Most of the Grand Canyon tours are all about the South Rim. It has the most interesting things to offer. One of the reasons why the South Rim is so popular is the various vantage and viewpoints. If you truly want to discover the beauty of the Grand Canyon, visit the South Rim and discover the hidden gems.

The South Rim is known as the “True Grand Canyon” as it offers the most expansive view of the Grand Canyon, exactly like the one you see on magazines and TV. From the South Rim, you can look at the Grand Canyon from two dozen viewpoints. Each vantage point offers a unique feature of the Grand Canyon. You can also get the glimpse of the Colorado River, which incidentally is known as the heart of the Grand Canyon.

Another reason why the South Rims is one of the sought-after Grand Canyon tours is that its easily accessible. Its just two and a half hours from the Las Vegas if you are traveling on bus.

If you are going on a family vacation, the South Rim is the perfect option as it has many amazing services. You will surely enjoy some of the family-oriented activities. And its opened year-round.

The Best Places to See in the South Rim

The South Rim has some of the most amazing places to visit. If you choose the Grand Canyon bus tours, you will get to see a lot of places. You can enjoy the whole journey by looking out of the window at the stunning landscapes.

Here are some of the most popular places to visit in the South Rim:

  • Hoover Dam and O’Callaghan-Tillman Bridge

The Hoover Dam is very popular and has a very interesting history behind it. The structure is an engineering genius work and is responsible for the creation of the beautiful Lake Mead. Built over the Colorado River, the Hoover Dam was earlier known as the Boulder Dam. Later it was names as the Hoover Dam after the President Herbert Hoover.

While it’s a magnificent thing to see, the Dam is very important for the people and industries around here. It provides power to the public and private utilities in three states – Nevada, Arizona, and California. The recent water crisis has made things difficult, but the Hoover Dam is still as magnificent as it always was.

As the for the O’Callaghan-Tillman Bridge, its built over the Lake Mead, and is a part of the US Route 93, which connects Arizona and Nevada. The amazing bridge is popular too for being the

bridge is the second highest bridge in the U.S and enjoys the reputation of being the highest concrete arch bridge in the world.

  • Mather Point

The Mather Point is named after Stephen Mather who was the first director of the National Park Service. The Mather Point is one of the most popular view point at the South Rim. It’s also the most visited vantage point as it offers clear view of the Grand Canyon. Part of the attraction is the closeness to the visitor’s entrance and easy accessibility if you are traveling from the Vegas. At this point, you can clearly see the multi-colored rocks against the clear blue sky.

Viewing is easy here as its quite extensive with two narrow railed viewpoints built on the overreaching ricks. The Rim Trail in the west side of the point, conveniently connects Mather and Yavapai points.

  • The Grand View Point

The Grand View Point is another very popular view point in the South Rim, located at the southernmost point of the Rim. It’s located at a height of 7400 feet. Its actually locate between the Desert View and the Grand Canyon Village. But if you go the Grand View Trail, you will have the best view of the Canyon. The Colorado River is very far away from this vantage point, and you will only get to see bird’s eye view of the river. The view from here is different than other viewpoints and you will get to see a totally different side of the Grand Canyon.

  • The Dragon Corridor

This is another popular view point in the South Rim. The special thing about this location is that it’s the deepest and the widest part of the Grand Canyon. The best way to explore the point is by helicopter or airplane. You can get close to the point and see the many layers of the Grand Canyon up close. As usual, the sight is breathtaking and worth the visit.

The Tower of Ra is a mountain peak with the height of 6076 feet. You can also explore this beautiful location on your way to the Dragon Corridor. Interestingly, the Tower of Ra is also the oldest rock formation in the Grand Canyon. The best Grand Canyon tours includes a visit to this beautiful point.

  • Grand Canyon Visitor Center & Museum

The Grand Canyon Visitor Center & Museum is a place to be if you want to explore the treasure trove that is the information and resources regarding the Grand Canyon. Many People like to visit this place as it has everything from books to bike rentals.

The Yavapai Geology Museum is located between the Visitor Centre and the Grand Canyon Village. The interesting thing about the Geological Museum is that it has large windows that opens up to the beautiful view of the Grand Canyon. You can explore the display of information about the Grand Canyon, from its history to how it was formed.

What is The Best South Rim Grand Canyon Tours?

The South Rim Grand Canyon bus tours are one of the best options. You can choose from a wide range of bus tours to the South Rim as per your travel needs and budget. It’s a full Day Adventure and includes some of the most important points like the Mather Point, Yavapai Point & Bright Angel.

Here are some of the features you will enjoy with the South Rim bus tours:

  • Price is All-Inclusive.
  • Hotel pickup and return
  • Departure: From Las Vegas Terminal
  • Travel by Luxury Motor Coach with fully equipped video movies and restroom
  • See Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge across Hoover Dam
  • Grand Canyon South Rim
  • Indian Hopi House, Look Out Studio and Kolb Studio
  • Incredible views of Grand Canyon
  • Mather Point
  • Route 66 photo stop and more

You can easily book your Grand Canyon tours online and get confirmed reservation.

The Bottom-line

Visiting the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is one of the best ways to explore the place. It has many vantage and viewpoints that will give you the most stunning view of the Grand Canyon. Make sure to choose the best Grand Canyon tours to enjoy your visit with your family.

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