Top Must-Visit Sites Near Hoover Dam

A marvel and classic example of human engineering –the Hoover Dam in Nevada is known to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Southwest region of the United States. However, what most people are unaware of is the fact that there is a lot more to the Hoover Dam than one can think of. Tourist places are abundant near the area, which you must-visit at least once in your lifetime. In this article, we will highlight the top must-visit places near Hoover Dam .

The area was built over four years of the time when the Great Depression had struck the US. The Hoover Dam is 726-feet high, a well-structured dam for river Colorado, which gave rise to Lake Mead, and is an excellent source of water for the Western and Southwestern parts of the United States. While you are visiting the Dam, you will find many nearby spots, which we would highly recommend you to take some time out to visit.

Here we will discuss with you the mesmerizing places that you can go to Nevada. So read on to know all the details.

1-Hoover Dam:

While we are talking about all the places that you can visit near Hoover Dam, let us tell you what you should expect here, while you are visiting one of the marvels created by humans. As we have already mentioned about the height of the Dam, which again adds to the splendid creation as there could rarely be any dam constructed throughout the world with a height of 726 feet.

Due to the construction of the Hoover Dam, United States received its largest reservoir in the form of Lake Mead, which acts as an excellent source for hydroelectric power generation to the regions of not only Nevada but also California and Arizona. Fabricated on the state line of Arizona and Nevada, the Hoover Dam is just a 45-minutes drive from Central Las Vegas. To have a spectacular view of the location and to capture panoramic photographs here, make sure to take out a walk in the area with the best Hoover Dam tour guide.

2-Las Vegas:

The Las Vegas Strip is known to be the most entertainment-filled location in the world that stretches over a distance of five miles lined with bright lights and endless rows of massive hotels, theaters, resorts, gardens, and restaurants.  The Las Vegas Boulevard is one of the prime attractions of the region that extends from the Mandalay Bay Hotel and ends at the Sahara Hotel, home to the famous singer Louie Prima.

This is the area that tourists crave to see at night because let us tell you that you are never going to have an opportunity so much excitement, every hotel has it’s own style and personality and attractions. The Dolfins and firey Volcano. The roller coaster at the New York, NY Hotel and fun at the Carnaval Court at Harrahs. Dont forget the Bellagio Dancing Waters show. On the Las Vegas Strip, you will find all the huge resorts backed by big banners like –The Bellagio, New York, Paris, Caesar’s Palace, and the Venetian are all located here. When the Strip is lit up during the evening hours, it shows up as one of the brightest places on earth when viewed from Space. Also, Fremont Street, located in Las Vegas’s old downtown, is a location worth taking a trip to.

3-Red Rock Canyon:

The Red Rock Canyon Conservation area is located just a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip and encompasses 195,819 acres in the Movaje Desert. Red Rock Canyon has many geologic interests worldwide. Whether you’re an experienced or amateur geologist you’ll find Red Rock Canyon an amazing site with an array of rock formations and a natural beauty that has taken millions of years to create.  It is a place of popularity to many avid rock climbers and hikers.

4-Lake Mead:

While we have discussed so much of Lake Mead and its creation due to the building of Hoover Dam, we haven’t had a chance to mention the scenic beauty the location has to offer to its tourists. On the shores of Lake Mohave and Lake Mead, the National Recreational Area has been built to encompass some of the most spectacular sceneries of the country, preserved to serve as a treat for the tourists and nature lovers. The Recreational Area offers a convenient access point to the water body along with serving you with a variety of facilities that will help you make the most of your trip.

To make your journey the best Hoover Dam tour, do not miss out on traveling to one of the soul-triggering spaces on earth that happen to be located amidst the one of the wonder’s created by man. The most popular section of Lake Mead is the Boulder Basin, which is situated towards the north of Hoover Dam. Also, Boulder Beach is quite a place for you to go for a swim or just set up a lawn chair and bathe under the rays of the sun in summers. In the area, the campgrounds offer a steadfast solution for the visitors to set up RVs and tents and make the most of their trip with overnight stays along the Lake’s shore. There are sightseeing tours to Lake Mead which include Hoover Dam combined with the ever popular Desert Princess Paddlewheeler Boat Cruise along the shores. The tours include a lunch or dinner cruise.

5-Valley of Fire State Park:

This place is fabulous and a site to behold. A photographers dream.

The Valley of Fire is one of the must see places while in Las Vegas, especially when you are taking a trip to the Hoover Dam; make sure to take some time out to visit the Valley of the Fire State Park. It is just an hour’s drive from Las Vegas in the northeast direction. If you are only interested in taking a trip through the scenic areas in the region, there are various facilities and roads built through the park that offer you a landscaping view, which would undoubtedly make your trip the best Hoover Dam tour.

If you are someone who loves to take trekking trips, then the region offers you a plethora of hiking trails. The hike trails in the Fire State Park Valley are easy and short as well, but we can promise you one thing, and that is these trails will take you through one of the most amazing experiences of your life. You will be able to witness canyon slots, locations in which old films were shot, have a look at the walls that are covered with petroglyphs, and various other extravagant sites.  You might come across some wildlife as well in the region. The area was home to the Anastzi Indians over 2,000 years ago. Make plans to visit the museum of artifacts while there.

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6-National Park of the Great Basin:

In the central region of Nevada inclined towards the eastern side with Utah as the state border, the Great Basin National Park protects more than 80,000 acres of range landscape and basin. The Wheeler Peak of 13,063 feet dominates the National Park, while the Lehman Caves underlay the basin.

The National Park also actively protects the Bristlecone Pine trees, which are said to be more than 5,000 years old. The park offers a magnificent site for backpacking and camping opportunities to the nature enthusiast. The Baker Creed Road and the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive are the two most important places in the region, which you should take time to visit.

Bottom Line:

In this article, we tried to include you some of the exciting places that surround the region of Hoover Dam and Las Vegas. When you are planning a trip to Las Vegas or Nevada, these are some of the places that you should be considering.

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