A Day At Grand Canyon’s South Rim: The Complete Itinerary

A day at Grand Canyon without visiting the South Rim is surely incomplete. This is especially true considering the vast expanse of the Northern Arizona park, which is spread out in an area of 1 Million+ acres as compared to the canyon extending to 277 miles in terms of length.

However, with a Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour, you can easily manage to pitch in a good time and cover all that is to see in this vivacious place. A quick walk alongside the rim will take you to the best memories of your life. Whether you love to watch the sunset or sunrise, this place is sure you give you chills as you try to grasp the beauty of nature.

But, what exactly should you see at Grand Canyon’s South Rim? Here is a complete itinerary for your trip to this fabulous place.

What Should You Do When Visiting Grand Canyon’s South Rim?

1-Grand Canyon Sunrise View:

When opting for the Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour, one thing you cannot miss is the beautiful sunrise you can see as it emerges from the deep canyon. Sunrise at this place can happen early at 5:00 am, or even 7:00 am depending on the season. Make sure you check the local sunrise time for the same day and plan your day accordingly.

Early morning trips are often minimally crowded, which means you will get a chance to be by yourself and enjoy the serenity of the space without any unwanted noises.

2-A Delectable Breakfast:

If you have plans to scout the Grand Canyon South Rim area, make sure you take a quick bite at the local visitor center complex. Make sure you try out the coffee and breakfast to make your day all the more energy-packed.

Avoid visiting this space in the heat of the midday, especially during the hot summer months. Look for top-quality Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour services that can provide you breakfast on the go. This will help you save a lot of time and catch that morning sun and bathe in its beauty.

3-Hike into the Beautiful Canyon Terrains:

When hiking through the Grand Canyon terrains, there is a range of terrains available to take from the South Rim. This includes the South Kaibab Trail and the ever-popular Bright Angel Trail. These 2 pathways run down to this beautiful river that makes up the Grand Canyon.

However, it is better to just hike halfway through to admire the beauty of the canyon as it might take you twice the time to return to the starting point. One thing you need to remember when venturing out for a hiking trip is to carry around lots of snacks and water.

If you have booked a trip with the Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour, you might not have to worry about being thirsty or hungry throughout your trip as you get a nutritional morning snack along with unlimited water supply as well as a Deli lunch that will surely leave your taste buds satisfied and nurtured for the hike.

4-Sun Protection:

One thing we all forget in the excitement of visiting a whole new place is the fact that the harsh sun can burn you down, making it difficult for you to enjoy the trip further. To ensure that there are no rashes, unwanted tanning, or sunburns from the afternoon sun, make sure you carry items that can provide day-long protection.

A suns cream lotion is a must before you venture out as a mighty explorer. Make sure you cover all the exposed areas in your body with a higher SPF lotion than usual. In case you are on a trip with your kids, make sure you choose a kid-friendly lotion that doesn’t burn them out.

Apart from this, do have an umbrella, hat, or sunglasses handy to avoid the direct glare from the sun. This will serve as an additional layer of protection for your body.

5-Explore Your Hidden Photographer at the Hoover Dam:

On your way to the South Rim with the Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour providers, make sure you take out your cameras and capture the mesmerizing beauty of the Hoover Dam. This concrete-based arch-gravity dam based on the Colorado River marks the border between Arizona and Nevada states in the U.S.

This beautiful architectural marvel was dedicated to Franklin D. Roosevelt, the then President of the United States in 1935. What makes this dam so popular and a point of interest for the visitors is the fact that it has successfully handled a huge water pressure from the Colorado River and continues to do so.

This dam helps protect Arizona and Southern California from any probable onset of disastrous floods, all the while irrigating the farm fields nearby. At Hoover, you get a chance to capture two different states in one picture. So, make the most of this with your Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour.

6-A Scenic View at the Mather Point:

If colors and nature is your thing, make sure you add the Mather Point to your itinerary. A bustling population of visitors touring the Grand Canyon starts their first gaze of this humongous natural marvel with the Mather Point.

Even though there are several other places in the Grand Canyon that bring in a better view, this point has a beauty of its own. This viewpoint offers you an extensive sight that comes with two railed, narrow overlooks that are built on the close by projecting rocks.

When you take a gaze at the southern side of the Mather Point, the panoramic view provided by this place extends all the way from the lower half of the Garden Creek while bringing in a section of the Bright Angel Trail. Following this, you can also take a quick view of the Pipe Creek, which is a deep canyon extending all the way to O’Neill Butte/Cedar Ridge eastwards.

7-Explore the Grand Canyon Village:

Another beauty located on Grand Canyon South Rim, this place holds a plethora of scenic overlooks that includes the popular Yavapai Point as well. Make sure you start your day with the visitor center and start exploring the space one by one.

If you want, you can surely skip this space by consulting with your service provider for the Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour, but we would highly recommend exploring the space for a better outlook of your trip.

Here, you can indulge in a plethora of activities such as helicopter tours, horseback rides, mule trips, train ride, and so on.


When planning your trip to Grand Canyon South Rim, it is best to leave things to professionals that know the area. With a well-guided Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour, you can avoid all the chaos and confusion while enjoying the trip in the best way possible.

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