Bill and Guide on Skywalk with views of Grand Canyon

10 Things to do at the Grand Canyon

A day at the Grand Canyon sounds exciting. Little do we know about all the entertaining activities it offers! Every year hundreds and thousands of visitors flock for Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas and across the world to witness the majestic beauty of the place. Nobody talks about the adventurous activities this place offers as much as we talk about its breathtaking beauty.

This place offers several activities for those who love a good adrenaline rush. We have curated this guide to tell you about the top 10 things you could do at the Grand Canyon. Read on to find out.

  1. River rafting

River rafting is the ultimate activity for all adventure lovers. This is the perfect activity if you’re planning to visit your friends. Taking a river rafting trip through the Colorado River would be an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking for an intense day for yourself, you can get yourself signed up for a trip across the westernmost part between the rough Lake Mead and Diamond Creek.

It’s strongly recommended to carry an extra pair of comfortable clothing, sunscreen, and water. Prices may vary depending on the kind of rafting.

  1. Skywalk

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is the most talked-about spot among people who take Grand Canyon tours from Vegas. You’d be screaming in excitement as you step over the transparent glass floor of this skywalk that stands 4,000 ft. above the ground. The semi-circular bridge protrudes out from a 4,000 feet tall cliff. Visitors have recommended that a visit to the skywalk is a one-day endeavour.

You can visit the place with your family and friends any day, year-round. You can drive to this place from North Rim or the South Rim. Else you can go for a luxurious helicopter ride to cover everything in one go.

  1. Grand Canyon Village

Are your kids accompanying you to the Grand Canyon? If so, they’ll need to remain entertained. For a fun-filled day with your kids, visit the Grand Canyon Village. While planning Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas, this place shall be on your list. The place is famous for offering a magnificent view of Yavapai Point. Plus, people who love camping are welcome here.

The highlight of this place is its amenities such as restaurants, ample parking, gift shops, and markets. You get an incredible view of the sunrise from this village. The visitors have highly recommended it.

  1. North Kaibab trail

If you are looking for hiking opportunities in the Grand Canyon, then North Rim is where you should visit. It flaunts the North Kaibab Trail, a 14-mile route leading to the Colorado River. Hiking without obstacles is no fun. Thus, this place offers you some shade on your way to making the hike challenging. Also, if you’re planning Grand Canyon tours from Vegas during summers, the Arizona sun will show its wrath on the hikers.

You’d come across two campgrounds on your way: Bright Angel and cottonwood. For a superior experience, it’s advised to go prepared for two-day camping.

  1. IMAX Theater

You could use a break when you want to do something different from visiting the attraction and hiking. And the best way to take a break is to visit the Grand Canyon IMAX Theater. The 24-minute short tale will take you on a ride through all the breathtaking aerial views of the Colorado River and canyon.

Apart from visual representations, you’d also be provided with useful insights about the place for better understanding. Keep your Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas informative and relaxing by adding this to your to-do list. Plus, the theatre can accommodate 488 viewers at a time with special wheelchair setups for disabled people.

  1. Train Ride

Yet another exciting way to explore every nook and corner of the Grand Canyon is through a train ride. This will add to all the fun you will have at the great Grand Canyon. You need to park your car around 60 miles away from the South Rim at Williams, Ariz. You’ll have to get on the train at the station. If your kids are accompanying you to the place, they appreciate this way of getting to the park. On your way, you’d come across various scenic spots.

  1. Tusayan Ruin and Museum

Are you a historic fanatic? If places of ancestral importance fancy you, this is the place you should visit while you’re on Grand Canyon tours from Vegas. Built 800 years ago, this is an Indian site considered an important archaeological site. You will find a U-shaped pueblo with a kiva, storage rooms, and a living area.

You can take a self-guided tour across the ruins of the museum. It will be a great learning experience for you. Artefacts of this museum date back to 2000-4000 years. It reflects the lifestyle and story of people back then. Plus, a bookstore is present just across the ruin for additional information.

  1. Skydive

Skydiving is another most thrilling way to witness the beauty of the Grand Canyon. Nothing can beat this. To experience this beauty, pay a visit to the Grand Canyon National Parl airport in Tusayan. Rest assured, these activities are conducted under the expert guidance of World champion skydivers. You’ll be soaring once you go through all the paper works, video, and fitted in safety gear.

We bet there’s nothing more spectacular than the view of the Grand Canyon from the top. So, do not miss out on this opportunity on your Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas.

  1. Mule Trips

Did you know the Grand Canyon offers mule trips for exploring the vicinity? Yes, it does. Mules trips are offered in different parts, such as the North Rim, the South Rim, and the National Forest trail Rides. However, all these mule trips highly differ from each other. South Rim mule trips descend through the canyon floor; it requires a reservation at least 13 months prior.

On the other hand, North Rim mule trips are confined to the rim trails and Supai Tunnel. These rides can be instantly reserved in the lodge lobby. Moreover, the National Forest hosts mule rides that last from one to two hours through the trail.

  1. Bike Rentals and Tours

If you’re planning Grand Canyon tours from Vegas, you can rent bikes and wish to discover the place yourself. A family-owned business offers the tourists tagalong, bike, stroller, trailer, and wheelchair rent. This idea originated when two friends proposed the biking idea to the Grand Canyon National park. And guess what? They won the corporate bids and started the business.

You are offered two bike tours- the Yaki point tour and Hermit Tour. You can rent a bike and plan an excursion to the Hermit Road and shuttle back. It also has a store and a café to allow the visitors to relax a bit.  


There are very low chances of getting bored when this place offers so many engaging activities. You might not even be able to experience all the activities mentioned above in a single day. So, to make the most out of this opportunity, keep at least two days while planning Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas. Also, since this place is completely under the naked sky, it will expose you to the wrath of mother nature. So, carry the necessary sunscreen, body lotion, water bottle, hat, trek shoes, etc.

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