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What are the Best View Points at Grand Canyon?

Grand Canyon Tours from Las Vegas is a great way to spend a day exploring one of the greatest natural formations on earth. One of the best things about visiting the Grand Canyon is multiple viewing points. The structure is so large that you will need to spend time at each location, as they vary in depth, dimension, and color variations.

The South and West rims are the most popular areas to visit. In fact, some of the best view points are located in these two rims. And, the West Rim features the popular Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass bridge that offers stunning views overlooking the canyon and the Colorado River. The South Rim by ground from Las Vegas takes approx 4.5 hours and the West Rim only 2.5 hours from Vegas.

You can choose from a wide range of viewing points on your visit to Grand Canyon. Some points are more popular than the others and for right reasons. If you are planning a Grand Canyon day trip then don’t forget to check out the most popular viewing points listed below. At Grand Canyon West there are two major viewing areas, Eagle Point, where the Skywalk is located as well as the gift shop, airport, and tribal village. As well as Guano Point with a 360 degree view of the vastness at Grand Canyon West.

Grand Canyon Tours

Grand Canyon sightseeing tours are one of the best ways to explore it and to visit various other destinations along the way such as Route 66, Hoover Dam, and Memorial Bridge on the way to the South Rim. You can choose a Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas by Luxury Motorcoach, Suv, or small group tours of 12 to 27 passengers.. You can also choose from other traveling options, such as VIP helicopter tours, or airplane. Ask us about our hands on private tours.

Best Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas includes pick-up, drop off, lunch, and easy 24 / 48 hour cancellation if you’re unable to make the travel. You can leave the planning to service providers and enjoy a hassle-free trip to the Grand Canyon.

The larger bus tours are the most economical for familes that want to save money. But if you want small group tours, Vegas Tours can handle all your needs. Private tours are available upon request in groups of 6 to 14 passengers. Travel by comfortable Mercedes Sprinter, 6 to 14 people.

Best Grand Canyon Viewing Points

As you know, the South and West Rims are the most popular areas of the canyon. But the South Rim attracts the most amount visitors yearly. Part of the reason is that it is the most dramatic, deepest and widest as well as the most colorful. Apart from that, it also has plenty of visitor services and activities. Plenty of gift shops, restaurants, and free shuttles to and from the various locations, such as Mather Point, Yavapai Point, Bright Angel Over Look, Not to forget the historic Hopi House Gift Shop & museum. And, it is open year-round.

So, here is a list of the most popular viewing points at the Grand canyon:

1. Yavapai Point – South Rim

It is one of the most popular viewing points of the South Rim. It offers a very stunning view of the Havasupai Point to the west and Desert View to the east. It also offers view of the Colorado River at the Pipe Creek end. A visit to the Yavapai Observation Station will provide you with more details of Grand Canyon. Enjoy the 3D geological displays, photographs, and videos on the history of Grand Canyon.

2. Mather Point – South Rim

This is another one where you will get very beautiful view of the Grand Canyon South Rim. Visit at the sunset or sunrise to enjoy the most serene time here. It is a very iconic viewing point. It is well known for the canyon vistas & closeness to the visitor center. Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas includes this view point of you are visiting the South Rim.

3. Eagle Point – West Rim

Eagle Point is another very popular viewing point At Grand Canyon West Rim. It is nearby Skywalk and is considered a sacred place by the Hualapai. The structure here resembles eagle with spread wings, hence the name. It provides a spectacular view of the Grand Canyon. You can see the Eagle Point from the glass bridge. Choose the best Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas to visit this famous point and enjoy the view.

4. Guano Point – West Rim

It offers panoramic views of the Grand Canyon along with the Colorado River. Incidentally, it was named after the mine, the Bat Cave Mine. It was closed in 1960, but you can still see the fragments of the cable tramway. This is also a very popular viewing point in the West Rim. Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas offers visit to both South and West Rim, including the Guano Point.

5. Yaki Point – South Rim

Yaki Point also offers a very stunning view of the Grand Canyon. One of the things you have to remember is that it is only accessible by shuttle bus. And, during the peak hours, the private vehicles are not allowed in the parking lot. It is located in the South Rim and will give you a wide-angle view of the Grand Canyon.

6. The Skywalk – West Rim

The Skywalk is a glass bridge shaped like a horseshoe, located 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon ground. It extends 70 feet from the edge of the Eagle Point. Of all the viewing points, the Skywalk offers the most stunning view of the Grand Canyon. It is the best place to see Grand Canyon West and experience its magnificence. You can buy the tickets when you arrive at the Grand Canyon. Cost is $25.00 p.p. Some tours from Las Vegas include it in the cost. Also they do not allow cell phones or cameras on the glass skywalk. But they do have free lockers to store your belonings. There is a photographer on staff to take pictures for purchase.

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The Bottom Line

If you truly want to see the Grand Canyon, these are the most popular viewing points you need to visit. There’s more, but these are some of the best and most popular locations. Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas is an excellent way to visit and enjoy views of the place. If you are visiting for the first time, this guide will help you understand its history and facts.

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