Your 101 Guide to Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

If you want to embrace the beauty of the great Grand Canyon in a different way, then a helicopter tour is a must. It is the best way to soak in all the scenic beauty and awe-inspiring views that the national park has to offer. The vast grandeur of the Grand Canyon will leave you amazed.

Helicopters for tours usually take off from the South ad West Rim of the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. Every year around half a million people take the helicopter tour. Regardless of age, and budget, all the visitors can enjoy the Grand Canyon helicopter tours. Among all the activities offered by the tour agency at the Grand Canyon, the helicopter tour remains unbeatable. Nothing can match the standard of amazing views along with adrenaline rush you get when you’re on the top.

So, the next time you plan a trip to this majestic Grand Canyon, make sure you ask for the best Grand Canyon helicopter tours to have a blast for your holidays.

Types of Helicopter Tours to Hire at Grand Canyon

Here’s a list of some of the amazing helicopter tours that you’ll get at the Grand Canyon.

  1. Maverick Helicopter Tours

Packages offered by the maverick helicopter tours range from as low as $99 (subjected to change as per requirement) to as high as $674(subjected to change as per requirement). You’ll get to experience a thrilling and amazing night-time flight of 15-20 minutes at the lowest price. Some of the basic features provided at the lowest price include pick-up and drop services from the hotel.

Champagne is served to all the tourists before the departure from Las Vegas. The breath-taking view of the “City of Lights” will leave you spellbound. You’ll also be given an areal tour over the historic Fremont Street. The tour will cover mega-resorts of Las Vegas, Bellagio fountains, and the lighted Luxor pyramid. Apart from this, the more expensive package you choose, the more services you’ll be provided.

  1. Sundance Helicopter Tours

Do you want to experience the best Grand Canyon helicopter tours? If so, then don’t miss out on the amazing tour offered by Sundance helicopter tours. You’ll carry unforgettable memories back, which you will cherish forever. You can fly past the Caesars Palace, Stratosphere Tower, over the stunning Las Vegas Strip, and the skyline of New York. The package begins from as low as $99 (Subjected to change as per requirement) and goes to as high as $895 (subjected to change as per requirement).

At the beginning of the day, you’ll be picked up from the hotel in a stunning limousine. Not just that, you’ll also be dropped off where you stay after the tour. Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty, you also get to know the history and landmarks from the commentary of the driver. So, it’s not just only fun, but also an informative trip. If you go for a more expensive package, you’ll be given tours of the Hoover dam, Lake Mead, Colorado River, and the Grand Canyon.

  1. 5 Star Helicopter Tours

If you’ve always believed Grand Canyon helicopter tours are out of your budget, then you’re probably wrong. The packages offered by the 5-star helicopter tours range from $99 to $674 (subjected to change as per requirement). If you go for the least expensive package, you’ll be given a tour of the Las Vegas Strip. The amazing neon lights at night is something to die for. A stunning Mercedes will take you to the terminal where the helicopter awaits you. On arrival, a glass of champagne will be served to you.

Undoubtedly, the 15-minute Grand Canyon helicopter tours will be the best part of your visit. You’ll get a glimpse of the amazing night-life of Las Vegas from your luxurious air-conditioned helicopter. Within 15 minutes, you’ll be given a tour of the famous Las Vegas Strip, the historic Downtown, the Stratosphere tower, Bellagio, Mirage Wynn, Caesars Palace, City Center, Mandalay Bat Resort, Venetian, MGM Grand, and dazzling lights of the Luxor space beam. The seats are forward faced, which allows you to capture the breath-taking views while you’re on top. If you shift to expensive packages, further features will be added.

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  1. Mustang Helicopter Tours

The packages offered by Mustang helicopter tours range from $289 to $524 (subjected to change as per requirement). Even if you choose the basic package, there’s an endless list of services offered to you. It provides a 45 to 50-minute tour of the great canyons, Kaibab National Forest, Marble Canyon, Dragon Corridor, Painted Desert, Point Imperial, and North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

If you want to experience the best Grand Canyon helicopter tours, you can spend a little more by booking a package that costs a little more. This way, you will be served a box of lunch as well to mitigate your stomach aching hunger. You can enjoy your lunch as you capture the magnificent memories for a lifetime. Soar over the great grand canyon, and get to witness a whole new experience. Not just that, you also will be accompanied by well-informed and professional guides to educate you about the importance of historical landmarks and structures.


No amount of time will be enough for first-time visitors to absorb all the splendid views of the Grand Canyon. It’ll take you weeks to explore the entire Grand Canyon national park. So, if you want to absorb the view as the whole at once, it’s highly recommended to take the helicopter tour. To ensure you’re allotted date and time as per your schedule, make a prior reservation. During holidays such as Christmas, summer, Spring break, and weekends, you have to book at least several weeks before. You can even witness the deepest point of the Grand Canyon, which one cannot see otherwise. Don’t forget to get your sunglasses and a camera. You wouldn’t want to miss the spectacular view from the top. Take as many photographs you want as s souvenir.

You can have one the best Grand Canyon tours without compromising with your budget if you make prior reservations with the Vegas tours. We promise you guaranteed and confirmed bookings, so be rest assured about your visit with us. Embrace the hidden species, rich history, and raw and unique beauty of the Grand Canyon with us. We cover almost all the popular destinations that lie in the Grand Canyon. Our experienced team strives to provide you with the best packages. Our team has tailored the packages depending on people’s budget and comfort needs and ensures you get one of the best Grand Canyon helicopter tours. We provide a wide range of options to choose from. As we understand, emergencies can arise anytime we allow tour cancellation within 48 hours. If you’ve got further queries, contact us via mail at or or give us a call at 1-866-218-6877.