5 Star Helicopter Soaring Over Grand Canyon and Colorado River

Sundance Heli & Outdoor Adventures

Auto Machine Gun and ATV's

Pure Adrenaline… Guns, Helicopters, ATV Action


Sundance Helicopters, Inc., the most experienced and highest-rated experiential tourism company in Las Vegas, has partnered with Las Vegas Outdoor Adventures for “Sundance Heli & Outdoor Adventures,” tours geared towards adventure seekers that want a Sundance helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon with the option for a private scenic motorized tour around the Colorado River and/or the ultimate shooting experience.

Do All 3!

An Experience You’ll Never Forget

The tour begins with a shuttle van pickup from various Las Vegas Strip and Downtown hotels where they’ll be taken to the bypass bridge overlooking the iconic Hoover Dam, Colorado River, and Lake Mead for a 30-minute stop with photo opportunity before continuing the trip through the scenic Mojave Desert to Las Vegas Outdoor Adventures. Upon arrival, there will be a safety briefing and customers can pick from a variety of adventure upgrades such as scenic motorized tours to the Colorado River or shooting adventures with options ranging from handguns, machines guns, all the way to 50 caliber rifle, with options to combine both the ATV tour and shooting adventure.

Guests will board a state-of-the-art helicopter where they’ll experience majestic, sweeping views of Lake Mead, the Mojave Desert, and the Grand Canyon with a landing option at a private bluff for a champagne toast. Lunch at the Arizona Last Stop restaurant with hamburger, fries, and beverage is included in all “Heli & Outdoor Adventure” tours. The full experience of a Grand Canyon helicopter tour with landing, motorized tour, and shooting adventure takes approximately eight hours and tours start at $344 per person.

More Info: Call vegasTours.com and reserve your seat NOW @ 866-218-6877 or visit www.vegastours.com to reserve online