Top 9 Reasons The Grand Canyon Skywalk Tour Is So Popular

Discover the  beauty of Grand Canyon West in an unusual way, by walking on glass at an elevation of 4700 feet (1450 m ) on the Grand Canyon Skywalk Tour. When in Vegas be sure you don’t miss out on our popular selection of Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas especially the Grand Canyon Skywalk Tour. Vegas Tours offers special pricing on narrated Helicopter flights where you soar over miles and miles of the beautiful Canyon and touch down at Grand Canyon West private airport or perhaps you may prefer a relaxing narrated and climate-controlled Luxury Bus, SUV, or Desert Hummer Tour to take in all the sites on the 2 1/2-hour epic journey to the Grand Canyon.

No matter what transportation option you decide be sure to include Grand Canyon West Rim’s most popular and famous Skywalk Tour. Every year, around five million people flock from different parts of the World to witness this natural wonder of metal and glass. In this guide, we’ve put together some of the best reasons why the Grand Canyon Skywalk tour is so popular amongst the Grand Canyon visiting tourists.

1-Breathtaking Views of the Grand Canyon

We feel the number one reason to visit the Grand Canyon is to take in as much scenery as possible and that’s why so many people visit the Grand Canyon each year, for the wonderful views of the vistas, valleys and vastness of the Canyons that Mother Nature carved out with over millions of years of erosion from the Colorado River and it winds aimlessly along the floor of the Canyon. Rest assured that this tour delivers the views and certainly will live up to your expectations as you step out onto the world-famous Skywalk Bridge.

The Skywalk is a U-shaped extended glass bridge that is ( 3.10 m)10’ 2 inches feet wide and protrudes 70 feet( 21 m) from the wall out over the canyon. One can walk on the clear see-through-glass that hoversat an elevation of 4700 ft. (1450 m) and offers amazing unobstructed 180-degree breathtaking views of the vast Canyon.


Vegas makes this Skywalk Adventure affordable by combining it with other Grand Canyon West Rim Tours that include the Skywalk tickets and by offing better prices than the hotels, hotel concierges, or strip vendors. Even if you book direct with the vendors or decide to pay for the Skywalk Tour at the rim, you will not find better pricing than on Vegas For the best Skywalk Tour pricing be sure to choose one of our adventure packages with the Skywalk Tour included in the price.

3-Grand Canyon Skywalk See-Through Glass Floor

The entire horseshoe-shaped cantilevered bridge is made up of German-made glass weighing over 90 tons and with the engineered steel and see-through glass that consists of 5, 2.5 inch thick ( 63.5 mm) unbreakable layers of pure clear glass. This structure and the way it was built into the canyon walls is indestructible. Some estimates say it is strong enough to hold the weight of 70 fully loaded 747 passenger jets. So, if you’ve always dreamed of flying or walking on air, then this is the place where you would be safe to really experience it.

4-Rich Cultural History

The land under and around the Skywalk is considered to be sacred grounds by the Hualapai people. These people collect as well as manage the fees paid by people entering into the Skywalk. Apart from the adventurous experience, there’s so much more to this place.

Hualapai Tribe has a very rich cultural heritage, and one can notice it both outside and inside the center of Skywalk visitor. Not just that, the tribe members often perform traditional dances and songs for the crowds gathered there. They also share the idea of fragility and beauty of the Grand Canyon.

5-Perfect for Thrill Seekers

People who’ve paid a visit to the Grand Canyon Skywalk Tour just to witness an exciting way of seeing it won’t be disappointed at all. Standing at the height of 4000 feet, your nerves might rattle a bit, but you’d surely cherish this memory forever.

As you take a walk over the translucent glass bridge, you’d feel time and again that there’s nothing under your feet. Not just that, the clear glass bridge will ensure that you get an obstacle-free view of the entire surrounding. Are you looking for a little more thrill? Take a walk to the chasm at Eagle Point, which doesn’t have any guard rails. Being completely exposed to nature, your heart might skip a beat.


The Grand Canyon Skywalk Tour is for the whole family to enjoy. Children who are three years old or above are allowed to step over the glass bridge with their parents or guardians. If your child can walk, you can take them with you. For safety purposes, carrying children in your arms while you take a walk across the bridge is strictly prohibited.

Regardless of its height, children of every age love to walk over the air and witness the depths of this beautiful wonder of nature. Having kids shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a thrilling experience, right? Well, this is why the Grand Canyon welcomes everyone with a warm heart.

7-Short Trip from Vegas

Most of the people are not aware of the fact that Grand Canyon Skywalk is just at a distance of two hours from Las Vegas. It’s even better if you’re staying in Las Vegas. The Grand Canyon Skywalk tour being only a few hours from your hotel is a must-see adventure that includes breathtaking views and a cultural experience that is well worth the trip.

8-Highest Man-made structure in the World

Though the thought of standing over the highest human-made structure of the World would not be pleasurable for people with Acrophobia, it’s still remarkable for others. Did you know the glass layers were put into place using the same mechanism that was used by Egyptians for building pyramids? The Grand Canyon Skywalk Tour is fascinating but for those that are fainted hearted be warned.


The Skywalk Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon below your feet as you stand on a glass see-through floor as well as the unobstructed panoramic views of the Grand Canyon that will astound your senses. Some visitors even clench their fists or grab the rails as the Grand Canyon Skywalk Tour gives you a feeling that there is nothing beneath your feet except thin air. To protect the surface of the glass, visitors are supplied with fabric covers to protect and keep the glass crystal clear. 


For adventure-minded folks, the Grand Canyon Skywalk Tour is a must-do tour while in Vegas. No activity in this world can match the breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon Skywalk Tour that is only a short distance from Vegas. Standing at a 4,000-foot elevation on a see-through glass floor surrounded by the beauty of the Canyons astounding the senses is why so many visitors flock to this place every year. Now that you know what makes the Skywalk the best way to experience Grand Canyon Tours from Las Vegas,reserve your adventure on Vegas today and pay a visit to this timeless beauty.

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