Guano Point at Grand Canyon West Rim

Vacationing in Vegas? Here’s why you should definitely visit the Grand Canyon!

If you’re planning a holiday in Las Vegas, make sure to take the time and schedule a day trip to the South Rim Grand Canyon. You couldn’t pick a better time to book then now ! The Grand Canyon is listed as one of the top seven natural wonders of the world. While Las Vegas is all about the glitter, glamour and excitement of it’s nightlife, Grand Canyon will take you to the majestic beauty of nature that has been crafted over the millenniums . Once you witness the beauty of Grand Canyon National Park, words are not enough to describe the immense beauty that this place beholds. If you’re looking for the most engaging place with the human spirit, this is it!

Vegas Tours offers Grand Canyon tours from Vegas at affordable prices. In this guide, we’ve explained what makes this place a special must see during one’s lifetime.

1-Picturesque beauty

You cannot imagine the breath-taking beauty of this natural wonder until you plan a visit to the Grand Canyon. Millions of  Las Vegas travelers flock to this place every year to witness the mesmerizing view of the Colorado River that cuts through the canyon for 277 river miles. Another interesting fact is, the view of the national park keeps on changing according to weather patterns. For instance, the park won’t look the same in spring as it looks during the winter. Regardless of the weather condition, every tourist gets to be the spectator of this marvelous beauty.

No amount of words or photographs can describe the vastness and the beauty of the Grand Canyon. So, while you’re in Las Vegas, don’t miss out on this great opportunity, which is just a few hours away from Las Vegas.

2-Iconic activities

Whether you’re a lover of nature or an adventure-junkie, this place will entertain your inner spirit. Most areas of the Grand Canyon remains untouched and still retains its natural state, which enables people to hike for miles if you’re staying at one of the Grand Canyon Hotels. Apart from that, the Colorado River provides rafting opportunities from Dolan Springs, departing from the West Rim of the Canyon, operated by the Hualapai River Runners ( Seasonal ) to keep you engaged and thrilled. Helicopter rides are also available for people who wish to get a glimpse of the national park, flights are available to both the South Rim and the West Rims of the Grand Canyon. ( The Dragons Corridor is the most popular flight from the South Rim.)

The list of things to do at Grand Canyon doesn’t stop here. You are also provided with the opportunity to ride between Williams, AZ. and the South Rim by train.

3-The Wildlife

As per the reports published by the National Park Service, the Grand Canyon flaunts a whopping 447 species of birds, 48 reptile species, 91 mammal species, 10 amphibian species, along with hundreds of other animal species. People who love animals are asked not to feed them so that they can survive in their natural environment without human interaction. The Albert Squirrels can be aggresive, so do not feed them. There are many of them that come out at the visitors area behind the Bright Angel Lodge.

While you’re on your way to Grand Canyon from Vegas, you’ll be provided with lunch and bottled water throughout the day. If you book your trip with Vegas Tours, the tour providers will provide the pick and drop services from your Las Vegas Hotel.

4-Educational opportunities

Like any other national park, the Grand Canyon also welcomes everyone with educational activities that involve field trips and internet programs. Tourists are allowed to take a sneak peek into the national park’s history and rich wildlife. Not merely that, the educational department also happily give 5 hours for field education of students from Grade 3 till 12. If you’re a teacher looking for places to take your children for an educative trip, this is it. It has the best environment that delivers a combination of fun and outdoor learning. These services are provided by the National Park Service and not included in day tours from Las Vegas. But if you’re staying at one of the hotels in the park or in Tusayan.. the village, then it would be worth taking advantage of the services offered.

During your journey to Grand Canyon, your driver will narrate almost everything about important places along the way during your journey to Grand Canyon  from Vegas.  Vegas Tours offers luxury motorcoach tours that comes equipped with restrooms, air conditioning, and video monitors. Just remember to book before 48 hours of departure.

5-Amazing day trip

The trip from Vegas to the Grand Canyon is 3 hours to the West Rim and 4.5 hours to the South Rim. This makes it a perfect road trip for people seeking an amazing experience, sit back, relax and leave the driving to us. Even if you’re in Vegas for just a few days, you can plan a quick trip to the Grand Canyon. One day excursions include lunch ( deli style sandwiches, chips, desert and bottled water ) .Also, you can pack your snacks and eat while you enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Grand Canyon.


We hope all those points were enough to convince you to pay a visit to the Grand Canyon at least once in your life. If you don’t, then you’re missing out on the great work that nature did. In 2016, around 6.6 million people visited the national park to immerse themselves in the place’s beauty and richness. The varied weather conditions inside the national park result from the Grand Canyon’s elevation that ranges from 3,000 feet to more than 8,000 feet. If you wish to cover more views within a limited period, take the skywalk tour that protrudes for about 70 feet from the ground. So, what are you waiting for? Book your day trip with Vegas tours, and get ready to spend a thrilling day!

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