How to Make Your Journey to Grand Canyon Skywalk Tours Exciting and Memorable?

How to Make Your Journey to Grand Canyon Skywalk Tours Exciting and Memorable?

The Grand Canyon, Arizona’s well-kept natural attraction, welcomes tourists from all around the world that find solace in its beauty and majestic scenery. Given its popularity, the canyon has been modified with several add-ons to ensure that the tourists get the most out of their visit to Grand Canyon West and Skywalk.

One such amazing addition at Grand Canyon West is the SkywalkSkywalk. However, what makes the tour amazing is a great ride that takes you to your destination. If you are a part of a group or out on a trip with your family, a private tour would be an ideal decision. There are tour provers that offer small group tours by H2 Hummers, Tour Trekers and custom mini coaches as well. If your’e in a hurry and don’t want to tour by ground, the a helicopter or airplane tour would be the better choice. More costly but alot quicker.

But, before we get a quick look into the benefits that you get from booking your adventure to the skywalk, let us peek into what this skywalk actually is.

Grand Canyon Skywalk: What is it?

If you have plans to indulge in Grand Canyon Skywalk Tours, it is an amazing location that will give you a whole new perspective of the beauty of the Grand Canyon. This horseshoe-shaped bridge made of glass and steel and is 10-foot wide and extends beyond the canyon rim about 70 feet over the canyon.and you can see 4000 feet straight down to the canyon’s floor and Colorado River.

Now, let’s get to the part where you have the time of your life as you depart from your Las Vegas Hotel to the Grand Canyon West Rim and  Skywalk.

How to have a fun time during your trip to the Grand Canyon Skywalk?

First things first, before you get to your destination, you need to book a reliable tour provider that has the hands on experience and knowledge of what it takes to make your experience something unforgettable.  At we have over 20 years of experience of developing airplane and luxury motorcoach tours to destinations throughout the southwest. The tour providers that we pick to make your tour memorable and special is beyond expectations. This can be done with the help of Vegas Tours, a well-known service provider that provides a full-day tours with an expert guide on board to make your journey memorable.

1-Budget-Friendly Prices:

One thing that makes your trip interesting is knowing the fact that you are saving a good amount on your bookings. With Vegas Tours, we provide free pickup and return from your Las Vegas  hotel to the West Rim and then back to your hotel with no hidden charges. All of our tours include the State Transportation Tax / Entrance Fees  and fuel fees. All inclusive pricing.

With a fun-trip on your mind, you wouldn’t want to deal with the hassles of paying unwanted charges that you didn’t sign up for in the first place. Additionally, Vegas Tours charges you only for the packages you select and nothing extra. All that you sign up for is laid down straight for you before the journey starts. Some of the tours require a pre payment and some you will pay on the day of the excursion.

2-Photo Stops at the Hoover Dam:

On your way to the Grand Canyon West Rim, where the Skywalk is located, you also get to stop and take some amazing pictures of Hoover Dam that will make a part of your memory for years to come. You get to capture the highest dam in the United States, created in the form of a concrete arch.

Apart from that, you can also click some amazing pictures of Lake Mead that is popular for generating hydroelectric power, provide water for domestic use, as well as serve as a source for agricultural irrigation. This popular sightseeing destination is surely a part of your journey that takes you to the start of the Grand Canyon Skywalk tours.

3-Enjoy a Scenic View of Grand Canyon West:

When planning your trip to the Grand Canyon Skywalk with Vegas Tours, you get a chance to enjoy a guided tour of the scenic view that comes along the way. Some of the popular viewpoints that you get to enjoy include places such as the Eagle Point, Guano Point, as well as the Hualapai Ranch and Indian Village.

4-Experienced Guides Onboard:

When out on a trip, you would always want to save up as much money as you can and expect the best tour experience combined with experienced guides. Vegas Tours has it all !

However, with Vegas Tours, you would have no such complaints. You get both a guide as well as a comfortable ride as you venture with your group to this amazing place. Unlike the South Rim, the West Rim is closer to Las Vegas saving you time and money. The bus tours are the least expensive, but take a bit longer than the small group or private tours. If you have a small group and want to tour privately, the call one of our expert travel advisors for special discount pricing.

5-Experience the Hualapai Culture:

The Hualapai tribe is a unique part of the rich history of Grand Canyon West and adjacent areas stretching all the way to Peach Springs, Arizona on historic Route 66.. On your trip to Grand Canyon West, you’ll get to experience firsthand the rich culture of the Hualapai tribe. The Hualapai still speak their ancestor’s language and follow all the practices such as cattle ranching, Indian ceremonies, as well as basket weaving. They also offer white water rafting on the Colorado River ( seasonal ).

At Grand Canyon West you will find the local women dressed in colorful dresses made of silk along with some beaded capes while dancing to the rattles on their hand. They perform daily shows in the Indian Village. A sight to see.

6-Drive-thru the Beautiful Joshua Tree Forest:

Filled with the pine-like leaves of the age-old Joshua tree, this forest is another spectacle that you should definitely be a part of. You will see this unusual sight on the way to the entrance of Grand Canyon West.

If you happen to visit the Grand Canyon in the flowering season of the Joshua tree, you will get to see some beautiful blossoms that start as small greenish clustered buds on the end part of each branch and eventually turn into waxy & white-colored flowers that are known to emit a beautiful sweet fragrance that will remind you of the coconut fruit.

So, as you pass by this forest, do not forget to look for these flowers from your bus window, and if you are close enough, you can surely enjoy its smell.

Note: Some of the small group tours will make a photo stop so you can enjoy this sight.

7-Enjoy an Amazing Lunch at Hualapai or Guano Point:

On your way to enjoying the Grand Canyon Skywalk tours, you will definitely feel the hunger from all that excitement. With Vegas Tours, you get to enjoy a great lunch with your friends and family at the local restaurants of the Hualapai Ranch or the Guana Point. ( Some selected tours offer a catered picnic lunch )

8-Easy Cancellation Policy:

The best thing about booking your trip to the Grand Canyon West Rim with Vegas Tours is the fact that you get an easy cancellation opportunity. Most tours offer a 24 to 48 hour cancellation policy with no additional cost. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is possible for a trip plan to fall down. You obviously wouldn’t want your hard-earned money to go down the drain.

With Vegas Tours, you can be ensured of easy and free 24/48 hours cancellation policies.


So, plan your trip with ease and enjoy the Grandeur of the Grand Canyon without missing an insider’s insight. Experience a whole new rush of information about the history of this amazing place while learning more about the Indian tribe at Hualapai. With Vegas Tours, your journey would surely be one to cherish for a long time.

Are you looking forward to having the perfect trip to the Grand Canyon West Rim? Well, with Vegas Tours, you get access to budget-friendly tour packages that pick you and your group straight from your hotel all the way to the West Rim. Book your trip right away and be worry-free upon your arrival. To know more about our services, call us at 1-866-218-6877. You can also mail us at