Top 8 Must-Haves When Planning a Tour to the Grand Canyon

Are you done with bookings of the flight, hotels, and tour agencies? Are you all set to head toward the most amazing national park of the world to enjoy the spectacular views? If so, then you already must have packed. No matter how many times you check, there’s always something you leave behind and regret it later. You wouldn’t want anything to slip through when you’re going to witness the great Grand Canyon, right?

Well, you can have one of the best grand canyon tours by packing some necessary things without failure. Here are the top 8 must-haves while you’re planning a trip to the Grand Canyon.

1-Sturdy shoes

Dressing as per the surrounding will help you have the best Grand Canyon trip. So, don’t forget to pack the most comfortable and sturdy pair of shoes you have. The Grand Canyon has rugged terrain in most of the parts, and having a proper pair of shoes will help you pass through the route.

Hiking boots, sports sandals, and running shoes are the best fit. What you need to avoid is flimsy sandals, new shoes, and high heels. Shoes providing a good amount of ankle support will help you do hiking.

2- Hydration system

Grand Canyon has a number of stations for filling water; however, it doesn’t provide bottled water. You’d be in trouble if you forget to bring a refillable water bottle with you. Being very dry, the desert air quickly evaporates your sweat. Keeping yourself hydrated will avoid conditions like heat stroke, headache, and heat cramps.

Every hour your system should be provided with 1.5l of water while hiking. This way, you can experience the best grand canyon tours without getting sick or dehydrated. No matter whether you’re recreating or not, it would be best if you kept drinking.

3-Bug Spray

The breath-taking scenery comes with some drawbacks, such as bugs. If you don’t want to keep warding off bugs the whole time, carry a bug spray in your bag. Most of the bug sprays nowadays are made from natural ingredients, making it safe for children.

Insect repellents are a great option for warding off biting flies and ticks. In this way, you can enjoy the splendid beauty of the place without getting disturbed by bugs and flies.

4-Spare batteries and a Camera

As your eyes won’t be enough to trap the spectacular views of the entire national park, you’ve to take a camera to capture them all and keep them as souvenirs forever. While others pose above a cliff, or over the skywalk, you wouldn’t want just to stand there, right?

Capture as much as you can and carry a camera no matter what. An underwater camera will capture photographs even when you’re exploring the river, or participating in activities related to water during your trip. With the guidance of the best grand canyon tours, you can get to the best-looking sites for photographs.

5-Cold and Warm Clothing Layers

The temperature in the Arizona desert can either rise or fall drastically between 30 to 40 degrees in a single day. As the weather is very unpredictable, you have to be prepared for whatever the Grand Canyon has to offer. After the sun sets in, cold air moves in, and having warm clothes will protect you from the chilled atmosphere.

During summers, the days will have temperatures of up to 80s F, and it might drop to 50s during the night. Areas by the river might experience temperatures of more than 100F, and even hit 120F. Staying hydrated and prepared will help you get through the harsh climatic conditions.


All your belongings can easily fit inside the backpack, without acting as a burden. Water, sunscreen, snacks, extra clothes, binoculars, first-aid kit, flashlight, camera, and shoes are some of the necessary things that can go inside the bag. Additionally, your hands are freed from carrying all such burden, and you can capture photographs easily.

Backpacks are only meant to hold your belongings; it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. You can find a reasonably-priced bag at any local shop nearby.


If biking tickles your fancy, then bring it along. In the South Rim area of the Grand Canyon, there are several off-street paths, along with roads that are traffic-restricted, connecting Yak Point to Hermits. These networks are specifically meant for bikers to get the best ride around the rim.

There are some of the best Grand Canyon tours, offering bikes to the visitors at reasonable prices. Foreign visitors who can’t bring their own bikes can still enjoy a ride by hiring such bikes. The distance between Hermit’s Rest and Visitor Center of the Grand Canyon is 10.5 miles. And the distance between the YakPoint and the center is 3.5 miles. You can choose whatever suits your taste.

8-Ice-traction devices

If you’ve planned a trip during the winter months, then bring ice-traction appliances to keep you from slipping on the icy trails and falling off. During the early spring and winter months, tourists usually have to walk over the ice-covered trails, and the sun causes the snow to melt and make the surface slippery.

There’s a very high possibility of people slipping and getting injured if they’re not careful. So, avoid the danger by using ice-traction devices while you’re at the great Grand Canyon.


To ensure your trip goes off minus the hitch, make sure you carry all the things that are mentioned above. The trick to not forget anything while you’re packing for the trip is to make a list of all the necessary items. Also, doing a little research about the place will give you an idea of what you have to face there. If the site is unknown to you, you can hire the best Grand Canyon tours agency to accompany you throughout the trip. Right from pick and drop services, to providing information about the importance of the place, these tourist agencies will do it all.

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