5 Star Helicopter Soaring Over Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour: Excursions from a Unique Perspective!

Without a doubt…. A trip to Vegas would not be complete without experiencing a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour. Take a few hours out of your day for this once in a lifetime adventure. Helicopter Tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is the most exciting day trip you can possibly imagine while in Vegas ! Tours can be as short as 2 hours up to 6 hours depending on your budget and time and type of combination you choose.

The Grand Canyon is an abrupt canyon carved by the massive Colorado River in Arizona, U.S. The canyon is 446 km long, up to 29 km wide, and reaches a depth of more than a kilometer. For more than a thousand years, the canyon has been unceasingly inhabited by the Native American tribes, who built colonies inside the canyon & its many caves.

A Grand Canyon Helicopter Flight is the best way to catch a feeling for the vastness of the canyon by experiencing it from the air, flying above and below the canyon rim  The Grand Canyon stretches over many kilometers and covers more than a million acres of land; that’s why booking your  helicopter tour offers you a more thrilling way to get the most dramatic view of the canyon.

Helicopter tours vary in length and price, but there is a vast awray of helicopter tours available for the Las Vegas traveler of nearly any age, budget, or ability, and tours are also packaged with many other activities like combination tours by small group tours, boat rides, zip lines, rafting and the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

( Don’t forget there also many exciting flights nightly with views of the fabulous Las Vegas Strip. )

More than half a million tourists take Grand Canyon helicopter tours every year. Now let’s take a look at what you need to know about this special journey to make it worth every penny you pay.

1-Helicopter Options

One of the least expensive ways to view the Grand Canyon from the air is with an air-only helicopter flight. Flight time from Las Vegas is approx. 45 minutes ach way. Some of the tours also take you on a flight down the Las Vegas Strip if they depart from Las Vegas. Some of the tours depart from Boulder City or the Henderson Airport, which may, or may not include the strip flight. Check with your booking agent for details.

Year after year, many guests want to travel to the South Rim National Park by luxury motorcoach, small group tour and even by airplane and add on the helicopter flight thru the Dragons Corrodor a dramatic helicopter tour indeed. Keep in mind that it will take out some of your ground time at the canyon. Tours depart from the Grand Canyon Airport in Tusayan, which is at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. All helicopter tour must take 2 designated travel paths in the national park.

Generally, there are three helicopter tour options to choose from: Maverick Helicopters, 5-star Helicopters, and Mustang Helicopters. Maverick Helicopters operates the EC 130 Helicopter. It is 30% larger in cabin size and holds up to 7 passengers. 5 Star Helicopters operates the A-Star with up to 6 passengers.

Note: 5 Star Helicopters has a wide selection of combinations not available any where else. Discount rates are available at Vegas Tours.

2- Departing Las Vegas

The helicopter tour companies offer free hotel pick up at most Las Vegas Hotels on and off the strip and then take you to their private terminal for check in. Make sure you bring a valid photo ID with you. Drivers licence or passport. This is required for all guests 18 years of age or older. There are no exceptions. You will given a safety briefing by your pilot and board your helicopter. Once you depart the terminal you will fly over the Las Vegas valley, Lake mead, Hoover Dam, once you approach the Grand Canyon you will experience a thrilling flight below and above the deep canyon walls.

Booking a helicopter tour from Las Vegas will provide you more sightseeing options because they fly through airspace under the control of Hualapai Reservation on the West Rim, where limitations are not as resticted because it is on private indian land.

3-Tour Highlights

Experience a thrilling helicopter tour down & through the Grand CanyonThe helicopter trip mainly lasts about 4 hours, which includes courtesy hotel pickup and return.

Depending on the tour picked you can land on the bottom with a champagne toast for approx. 30 minutes and a return flight back to Vegas. There are tours that land on top of the canyon rim at Grand Canyon West with the Skywalk included or choose a flight to the bottom with a pontoon boat ride on the Colorado River.

You will enjoy staggering aerial views of Lake Mead, Memorial Bridge, Fortification Hill, and Hoover Dam. The chopper will also fly over the Colorado River & the Mojave Desert.

You can also enjoy the breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon from the glass bridge known as the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The Skywalk is located more than 1450 meters above the Colorado River & is 70 ft away from the edge. The helicopter will touch down at Grand Canyon West, and from there, you can go into the Hualapai Village at Eagle Point, where you can take a walk on the glass bottom skywalk.

Their are tours also provides a smooth water rafting voyage in Black Canyon for all rafting lovers. Tours depart from the base of Hoover Dam. Lunch Included. Be prepared for a longer day.

These helicopter tours not only include the tour of the Grand Canyon, but if your flight leaves from the Las Vegas you will get a close up view of flying down the Las Vegas Strip ( Daytime Flights )

Or try a Sunset Flight to the canyon and return down the strip with the bright lights of Las Vegas.

4-Know Before go

You should book your helicopter tour at an early date when planning your holiday travel to Las Vegas. In the majestic Grand Canyon, the high season is summer; during this time, flights sell out quickly. As well as  on any holiday that comes up. Christmas into New Years Day is extremely busy. During the summer months you should choose the early flight times as it can get very hot and unconfortable in the heat. Tours can sell out as much as a month in adveance.

You can also save a lot of money if book earlier rather than booking a little while before the tour. The tours do not require a pre-payment but a credit card to guarantee the reservation as you will pay on the day of the tour. Cash or credit card. Don’t forget to bring a jacket in the winter season because breezes blowing in the Canyon can lower the temperatures and make it colder than expected.

Sometimes the weather is unpredictable. During the daytime, the temperatures can rise up to 100 degrees in Grand Canyon and can go even higher on the surface, so ensure you are ready for both hot & cold conditions.

You sould bring hiking shoes or footwear suitable for the uneven ground to navigate the rocky and rough terrain of the canyon, so leave your high heels and flip-flops behind.

To stay hydrated, you can bring water, but you are not allowed to open the bottle in the helicopter. The tour provides fantastic photo opportunities, so make sure to bring your camera with a lot of memory storage space for snapping momentous vacation pictures.


If you need a break from the lights of the city, then head to the Grand Canyon for a thrilling helicopter tour. When planning a helicopter trip, you need to look out for the above factors to make your vacation worth every penny you pay. With a comfortable and well-guided helicopter tour, one can avoid any kind of chaos & confusion as you enjoy the tour in an amazing way.

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