Your 101 Guide to Grand Canyon Skywalk Tour

Walking on the Skywalk, which is some 4,000 feet above the ground, is a whole another level of adventure. Every year millions of tourists flock to this region of the Grand Canyon to spend some quality time with mother nature. Grand Canyon Skywalk Tours is one of the major attractions of the Grand Canyon, which attracts thousands of Las Vegas visitors. When you look through the glass floor, your heart will start pounding as it gives a feeling as if you’re floating in the air.

We want you to be ready for this particular moment, which is why we’ve articulated this guide so that the visitors have a clear idea of what to do and expect while visiting here. By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have all the information you need to decide if this is what you want to do.

Arriving there & buying tickets

The security guards will escort the drivers to the vast parking lot, that’s just in the front of the Welcome Center. It looks like a white dome as if it is protecting the practice field. In this place, you can purchase tickets for attractions and activities. Let’s begin with the Legacy pass, which is a compulsory buy that will admit you to the Grand Canyon West, Guano Point, Eagle Point, and Hualapai Ranch region. Also, the pass is the ticket to get busses, which reach within 10-15 minutes at four stops. Most of the additional attractions you can purchase from when you book on line.

Apart from that, other activities such as the Zipline, Skywalk, and helicopter tours cost extra if you do not purchase them in advance at discount rates. Not merely that, additional packages are available that comprises of specialized terms.

No Cameras in the Skywalk

Get off from the bus at Eagle Point and march towards the center that houses the Skywalk, gift shop, and a restaurant. Once you get your Skywalk ticket, your first halt is in the locker room, where you can keep all your belongings, including cameras and phones. Even though the ban on photography has drawn a considerable amount of complaints, the Grand Canyon Skywalk tours remain every visitor’s priority. They have photographers on staff that you can purchase photos of you and guests.

After you stow your gear and slip into the protective booties that come free of cost, you are allowed to stay over the Skywalk for as much time as you want. There are only five layers of glass between your feet and the rock bottom, which is 4,000 feet below. Morning is the perfect time to pay a visit because, after 11 a.m. The visitors begin to arrive from Las Vegas. During dusk, the low-lying sun brightens up the walls of the canyon, providing you with a breathtaking scenic view. The setting sun brings out the textures which cannot be seen during the early afternoon or morning.


As adventurous as the Grand Canyon Skywalk tours sound, the place is also packed with beautiful sites that will bless your eyes. Here are some of the significant points that you must pay a visit to if you’re here.

  1. Guano Point

The place earned its name from a mid-20th-century failed venture to mine bat guano. You can get to experience one of the best views from this point at Grand Canyon. Nestled at the apex of a small peninsula protruding into the Grand Canyon, Guano point is just a quarter-mile away over the land bridge. The Colorado River flows through the majestic cliffs and seems like it’s sneaking around. One can notice the rafts floating as the water is not so far away.

  1. Hualapai Ranch

Hualapai Ranch was initially built to resemble the frontier town. Now, it comprises of a gift shop, restaurant, and saloon that serves fresh smoothies, coffee, and ice cream. Also, the ranch is the beginning point for the zipline and trail rides. While passing through this place, the tourists may face bulls in a contest, ride the mechanical bull, or even rope a steer. Here, the diamond in the rough is the magic show that’s free of cost. Any tourists dropping by can enjoy the great show put up by the very famous magician Mark Crowe.


The hype that you hear about the thrill of visiting the Grand Canyon skywalk can only be justified after you pay a visit to this beautiful place. Get to experience the hospitality of the Indian Tribe that regulates this very famous tourist place. This tour is worth the price as you’ll carry all the beautiful memories you’ve made here forever. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get done with the bookings right away!

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