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Why Is Grand Canyon West Rim Popular?

Usually, pictures of the South Rim are flashed on the TV, portraying the beauty of the Grand Canyon. Since most of the attention is diverted toward the South Rim, other rims of the Grand Canyon are easily underestimated. However, the other rims of the great Grand Canyon offer equally picturesque views. If you’ve got a very limited time in your hand on your Grand Canyon tours from Vegas but still want to witness the widely spoken beauty of the Grand Canyon, make it a point to visit the west rim. Read on to know what popular viewpoints and activities it offers visitors.

1. The Skywalk

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is responsible alone for attracting most visitors annually. Standing at the height of 4,000 ft. from the ground, it offers an adrenaline rush that adventure-junkee tend to enjoy. The horseshoe-shaped and 10-foot broad glass bridge protrudes 70 feet away from the cliff.

The transparent glass bridge allows you a clear view of everything that’s 4,000 below ground level. Apart from that, this also offers you a peek into the world’s Seven Natural Wonders. And all of this is only available nowhere else but the West Rim.

2. Nearby Las Vegas

If you’re availing of the services of one of the best Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas, the nearest station will be the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s just a 2.4-hour drive away from Las Vegas, which is quite closed as compared to the South Rim, i.e., five hours away. This location is ideal for people willing to have a quick visit to witness the breath-taking beauty of the Grand Canyon.

It’s strongly recommended to avail the services of tours due to the fact that West Rims doesn’t have as developed roads as the South Rim. Neither do they allow private vehicles inside the West region!

3. A lot of Viewpoints

The West Rim flaunts numerous scenic viewpoints, such as Guano Point, the Hualapai Ranch, and Eagle Point.

  • The name Eagle point is derived from the eagle-shaped rock found just behind the West Rim. This is a view worth witnessing. Do not miss out at any cost.
  • The Guano Point is famous for having nine thousand feet long tram lines that have stretched into the guano mine. Only scraps of the old tram line are available. You’d have to go through a short, easy hike to reach your destination. You also get to witness a jaw-dropping aerial viewpoint from here.
  • Hualapai point gives you a peep into the tribal lives that are rich in history and culture. This place also hosts regular singing and dancing performances to keep the visitors engaged. Yet another major attraction of this place is roping lessons and horseback rides.

A tour guide will be included in your package of Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas. He will explain the significance of all the viewpoints you’ll come across on your trip.

4. Plethora of Activities

Compared to any other Grand Canyon Rim, the West Rim hosts several activities to keep the adults and children equally engaged. Below are some of the activities you can expect while you’re on an exciting Grand Canyon tour from Vegas.

  • A luxurious helicopter ride will enable you to capture the entire beauty of the Grand Canyon all at once within a limited time. You also have the option to fly to the West Rim from Vegas. You’ll be crossing over the stunning desert, the Hoover Dam, and mountain landscapes. Don’t you think the top-view of these places will be something to die for?
  • Boat tours are available to feed the hunger of adventurous visitors who’re looking for a thrilling day at the West Rim. While you float over the Colorado River, you’ll get to witness the beauty of the Grand Canyon from a different perspective.


Even though the West Rim hasn’t been telecasted and hyped up like the South Rim, there are enough reasons behind West Rim being the perfect destination in the Grand Canyon. It makes the perfect place for a family vacation away from the chaos of city life. The West Rim has got everything covered- starting from its mesmerizing raw beauty and rich cultural heritage to a plethora of entertaining activities. If you want to discover more about this place, pack your bags and pay a visit immediately!

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