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Watching Sunrise & Sunset at Grand Canyon

Visiting Grand Canyon is always special, no matter how many times you visit. Each time you will see same thing in different way. Which is why, you can always go to Grand Canyon when you visit Las Vega. With Vegas tours you can easily enjoy a day trip with family and friends.

One of the many things Grand Canyon offers is sunset and sunrise. You can enjoy the amazing view of the Grand Canyon any day. But sunset or sunrise is one of the best times to see Grand Canyon in its glory.

If you are planning to view Grand Canyon at the sunset or sunrise, there are specific locations you can choose. Find out here the best places to see sunset and sunrise at Grand Canyon.

Why Watch Grand Canyon Sunset & Sunrise

Grand Canyon is one of the most iconic natural structures in the world. It has been there for million of years and is so vast that offers a stunning view. There are so many viewing points in Grand Canyon from where you can see the whole place. This includes the Skywalk, a glass bridge projecting from the Grand Canyon West rim. No matter from where you see it, you will always find it amazing.

As for why you should see Grand Canyon at sunset or sunrise, it only makes the place look more special. Sunset view offers a stunning view of the place. If you have seen pictures of sunset and sunrise, you can actually enjoy it.

Depending on the tour service you hire, you can enjoy the sunset view of the place. Sunrise often happens at 5:12 am and sunset at 7:48 pm. Depending on how you are traveling there, you can catch both.

The best Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas offers guided tours and you can enjoy a sunset view depending on the tour service.

Where to Watch Sunset at Grand Canyon

Watching a sunset at Grand Canyon is likely to happen as opposed to sunrise. Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas may include sunset view. And, when that happens, you are likely to see it from some of the most popular viewing points. Here are some of the best locations for enjoying a sunset at Grand Canyon.

  1. Mather Point

The Mather Point is one of the most popular view point. It is also a great place to view sunset. It is close to Grand Canyon Village and it offers a great vantage point for sunset. Since it is a popular sunset viewing point, you need to arrive early as tit will be crowded.

  1. Mohave and Pima Points

They are very popular sunset viewing points and they also offer an amazing view of the Colorado River below. They are located along the Hermit Road and are less crowded than the Hopi point. If you want to enjoy a great sunset view, make sure to choose these two points.

  1. Yavapai Point

The Yavapai Point is also a great sunset viewing point at Grand Canyon. And, it is also a part of the Desert View Drive. It is also very popular because of its easy accessibility. Which means, you should arrive early to beat the crowd.

  1. Lipan Point

The Lipan Point is also a very popular sunset viewing point. It is located on the Desert View Drive of the Grand Canyon Village. The sunset view here is amazing and offers a stunning view of the Canyon. If you are all about sunset views anywhere you go, make sure that you check out this view point on your Grand Canyon visit.

Where to Watch Sunrise in Grand Canyon

Sunset viewing is more popular than sunrise for obvious reasons. Most of the time, its too early for the sunrise view and you may not get there on time. You can enjoy sunrise and sunset at the same place. Still, the views of Navajo and Desert View are great for both sunset and sunrise. The Mather Point and Yaki Point are also great for sunrise views.

The Bottom Line

Grand Canyon offers great viewing points and you can enjoy sunrise and sunset views too. Choose Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas offer a great way to enjoy Grand Canyon visit. A well-organized and guided Grand Canyon tour makes it more fun. You don’t have to do anything. Everything will be taken care of. You can choose from a wide range of Grand Canyon tours.

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