Grand Canyon South Rim Coconino Plateau with Guide and Guest

Planning a Trip to the South Rim? Check out this Travel Itinerary!

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is located towards the northwest end of the Arizona state. It can easily be accessed via railway, plane, or car. Moreover, you can also book a quick trip with the help of the Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour. You can find the town Tusayan, Arizona, at the Southern Entrance going to the Grand Canyon National Park. Towards the Eastern entrance, you can find the town named Cameron, Arizona.

So, in case you have plans to visit the South Rim, here is a quick itinerary to help you enjoy your trip for the day.


For someone who is easily mesmerized by the beauty of nature, the South Rim is for sure a collection of some of the best attractions that can surely keep you locked in for hours. So, if you have securely booked your visit with a pocket-friendly Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour, here are some attractions you must surely check out.

  • Lookout Studio:

Located pretty close to the Bright Angel Lodge, this particular studio tends to sit right by the Canyon’s edge, giving you a spectacular panoramic perspective of the Grand Canyon. This particular studio was set in place as a competitor against the famous Kolb studio.

  • Yavapai Point:

Yavapai Point is no doubt a place that provides the best panoramic view to the 3 points of the south rim close to the beautiful Colorado River that ensures an unobstructed view going up & down the Canyon’s gorge.

  • Mather Point:

Mather is surely the number one option that is closest to South Rim’s entrance station. Sunsets at the Mather Point are something you should definitely check out and click away from a few pictures in case you get a chance.

  • Moran Point:

When you visit Moran Point, the things you see include the beautiful Red Canyon and the white hustling water of Hakatai Rapids. Plus, this particular viewpoint is equally famous for its sunset and sunrise views, given the fact that it gives an illusion of a ship that is sinking.

  • Watchtower and Desert View:

As you climb the high 85 steps watchtower, you get access to an amazing 360-degree view of this beautiful Grand Canyon.

  • Lipan Point:

This is among the few locations where one can experience the sedimentary rock formation, also known as the Super Group of Grand Canyon. It can also be a great space to see the beauty of the Canyon’s inner gorge.

Hike to the Canyon’s Viewpoints

Once you have arrived at the South Rim with the help of the Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour, you can visit these particular viewpoints and enjoy the beauty of this place.

1.Grandview Point:

As you pass by the beautiful Desert View Drive, you could find the trail leading to an amazing Grandview Point. It is also the highest point present at the Grand Canyon South Rim. This trail can run a tad narrow & steep at some points. However, the Horseshoe Mesa view is just as amazing.

2.Zuni Point:

Now, if you are looking for a less-visited space in the Grand Canyon, make sure you definitely visit the Zuni Point, which is a tad secretive given the fact that you won’t find any trail or signpost leading to this place. Zuni brings you amazingly irresistible views with a reddish hue that is similar to that of the Moran Point.

Walk through the Grand Canyon South Rim’s Trail

The Grand Canyon South Rim’s trail is particularly flat and comes with a highly paved trail heading along the edges of this rim. This 13 miles long stretch emanating from the Hermit’s Rest goes all the way to the trailhead of the South Kaibab.

Hiking below South Rim’s Trail

Another amazing way to enjoy the beauty of the Canyon is to opt for a hike below the South Rim. Now, there are multiple ways to do the same, starting from the Grand Canyon South Rim.

  • Bright Angel Trail:

Now, the Bright Angel is a popular trail in the area. It can be accessed easily as it starts right from the beautiful Grand Canyon Village. This particular trail starts with the rim & ends with the Bright Angel Campground located near the hustling Colorado River. This trail is about 9.5 miles in length & descends about 4380 feet.

  • South Kaibab Trail:

This particular trail also begins with the rim & ends by the River Colorado. It is steeper and shorter as compared to the Bright Angel Trail. And the view from South Kaibab is also very spectacular and jaw-dropping. While you are at it, make sure you visit the beautiful “Ooh Aah Point.” While the name is a tad funny, the place surely will take your breath away. The sunrise view from this point will surely make you go Ooh and Aah with admiration.


Whether you plan to explore the South Rim for a day or more, make sure you get to the starting point from your hotel with the help of a reliable service provider for the Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour. With such bus tours, you can enjoy a fun visit to the South Rim while enjoying the company of a perfect guide throughout the trip.

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