Top 5 Features of Grand Canyon Bus Tours From Las Vegas

Top 5 Features of Grand Canyon Bus Tours From Las Vegas

Luxury bus tours to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas is one of the best and economical ways to get there. But you have many other great options too. If you are looking for a luxurious and affordable option, bus tours are the best way to travel. It is especially great for people traveling in large groups. It is fun and economical if you choose the right Grand Canyon bus tours from Las Vegas. Don’t worry, you will be traveling in great comfort and luxury.

Las Vegas tours to Grand Canyon by motorcoach offers a wide range of great features. You can book your tour online. You can choose from a wide range of Grand Canyon tours with the South Rim that offers the Imax Theater Movie of the canyon, take a helicopter flight thru Dragons Corridor, or take the most popular option with the open air Hummer tour along the rim, taking you to other locations that the bus won’t travel to. It can take 4.5 hours to get from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon South Rim National Park. During this time, you will have plenty to enjoy.

Before you book your tour, here are the top features of our Grand Canyon bus tours:

  1. Pick-up & Drop From Hotel  ( Selected Hotels ) to save time

Bus tours offer hotel pick-up and drop facility. This makes it convenient for people as it saves time. Along with that, lunch is included. This is a perfect start to a great bus tour to the Grand Canyon.

  1. Climate Controlled Luxury Bus Tour

You will be traveling in a climate-controlled luxury bus, designed to provide you a comfortable environment inside. The long journey will be enjoyable and convenient. All the Grand Canyon bus tours from Las Vegas offer this feature to ensure travelers have a great time. Not to mention, you will get to see a lot of things on the way to Grand Canyon. The whole trip could take more than 11 hours round trip so it is important that the bus is designed for comfortable traveling. When you are booking a Grand Canyon bus tour, make sure that this feature is available.

  1. Fully Equipped Bus

One of the best things about the Las Vegas bus tours is that the vehicle is fully equipped. It comes with features like restroom, climate control feature, comfortable chairs. And video movies among various other things. Video movies will make it more interactive and enjoyable. You will have a great time listening to information about the various places and structures.

  1. Panoramic Windows

One of the best things about Grand Canyon bus tours from Las Vegas is that the bus comes with panoramic windows. You will get to see the beautiful scenery outside while you travel to Grand Canyon. Enjoy the Arizona views, Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge among various other things. Take pictures or make videos and enjoy the scenic beauty with your luxury bus ride to Grand Canyon. It will set the mood for what is coming next: the magnificent Grand Canyon structure with amazing views. Keep in mind that there are no guard rails at the West Rim, be cautious when traveling with young children.

  1. Lunch Is Included

Lunch will be included with your Grand Canyon South Rim tours. Enjoy Deli Style Sandwiches, chips, and cookies. Some tours offer lunch at Pizza Hut Express available on the South Rim Tours. You can also Dine on the Edge of the Rim 4000ft above the Colorado River at Grand Canyon West Rim. You can explore the canyon on your own and enjoy the view from the popular Eagle and Guano Point. These are the viewpoints that offer spectacular view of the Grand Canyon. Miles of red rock structure is stunning to look at. You can also shop for souvenirs and hand-made Indian beadwork, dolls, and art and more. ( Grand Camyon West Rim ) The West Rim Tours take approx. 2.5 Hours to arrive( Closer to Las Vegas than the South Rim )

How to Book Grand Bus Tours From Las Vegas

You can easily book your Grand Canyon Las Vegas bus tours online. You can choose from West or South Rim bus tours along with Skywalk and Helicopter tours. Choose from different options depending on your requirements and book your tour online and cancel it anytime. This is easy and convenient and will save your time.

The Bottom Line

Las Vegas bus tours to the Grand Canyon is one of the best for many reasons. It is comfortable, luxurious and comes with panoramic view while you are on the way to Grand Canyon. Not to mention, it is a highly affordable option for large groups. The bus tour comes with many features that make it a great option for both adult and kids. You can book the tour online.

Vegas Tours offers Grand Canyon bus tours from Las Vegas. Travel in luxury in clean and well-maintained bus and enjoy amazing view on your way to Grand Canyon. Pick up and drop facility is available along with lunch. Check out our Grand Canyon bus tours to choose the one that fits your needs. We offer affordable bus tours that you can easily book online and get confirmed reservation.

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