Take Grand Canyon WEST Helicopter Tours

Take Grand Canyon WEST Helicopter Tours

Unlike other Rims of Grand Canyon, the West Rim is actually accessible by helicopter. Meaning, you can easily travel by air from Vegas. Sounds wonderful, isn’t. That’s because it is. Traveling to Grand Canyon West by helicopter is one of the best ways to get there. It is easy, comfortable, and most importantly, faster. You can easily choose Grand Canyon WEST helicopter tours and book online.

South Rim may be the most popular of all Rims, but the West Rim is the only one that can be accessed via helicopter from Vegas. There are several advantages of taking a helicopter tour.

Find out more about the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours From Las Vegas.

A Quick Tour of Grand Canyon

If you are visiting Las Vegas and have less time at hand, a helicopter tour is the thing you need. For visitors who are short on time, they can choose a helicopter tour to visit Grand Canyon. You will be leaving directly from Las Vegas on helicopter.

As you can guess, it will save you plenty of time while giving you the chance to see the awesome beauty of Grand Canyon. Additionally, it will also be a guided tour with narration.

You can easily and very comfortably enjoy Grand Canyon West tour in less time.

Get Away from Vegas for a Quiet Time

Not that Grand Canyon will be empty and silent, but it will be less noisy than Vegas. After you have enjoyed the high energy of Vegas with visits to casinos, pubs and gambling, you can opt for a quick Grand Canyon tour.

With a helicopter tour, you can easily view the Grand Canyon from the top and see how amazing it looks. Aerial view offers you a unique chance to witness the amazing beauty of the place.

One of the best things about visiting Grand Canyon from Vegas is that it is an easy day trip. And, it is easier with Grand Canyon west helicopter tours.

See it all in One Tour

No doubt, walking and hiking are the best ways to explore Grand Canyon. But it would take you months to fully see the place. Now, if you want to see the whole place in one go, helicopter rides are the best.

With a helicopter tour, you can look at all the places from top. The valleys, vistas, the canyons and everything else. You don’t need months to see the Grand Canyon. A day trip is enough for that.

Helicopter Tours to the Grand Canyon from Vegas are very popular with visitors who want a quick tour. Rest assured, that it will be as enriching as it gets.

What Helicopter Tour Looks Like?

You can easily book your helicopter tours online at Vegas Tours. It is easy and affordable. Choose from a list of tours and book in juts few easy steps.

You will get free hotel pickup and return. Then, you will be flying above and below the West Rim with plenty of viewing and photos opportunities. The in-flight pilot commentary and narration will also make the whole trip more enjoyable.

The helicopter tours will provide you with stunning aerial views of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Memorial Bridge and Fortification Hill. You will also get to fly over the Mojave Desert, Colorado River West Rim Mountain plateaus and more.

Later, you will land at the Grand Canyon West Airport and the explore the edge of the Grand Canyon. Eagle Point is one of the best viewing points.

The Bottom Line

Grand Canyon west helicopter tours are one of the best ways to explore the stunning place. Also, its faster and more convenient way to see Grand Canyon. You can easily book your tour online at Vegas Tour and enjoy your tour.