Sundance Helicopter Soaring Past Grand Canyon Cliffs

Riding The Skies: Why Choose A Vegas Helicopter Tour?

If you are someone who loves the thrill of soaring through the skies, then a helicopter tour above and below the Grand Canyon Rim might be just the answer to your dreams. While the benefits might seem obvious, there are some you can only feel once you board  your jet helicopter with anticipation of what you’re about to experience. Grand Canyon Helicopter flights can be all the more exciting when  you’re flying above and below the canyon rims, with landing on the bottom of the Grand Canyon West Rim. You get to soar all over the Grand Canyon, similar to that of an eagle. You can be amazed and wowed by the grandeur and size of this Canyon that can easily be reached from Las Vegas. So, if you are intrigued by this idea, book your helicopter tour from Vegas today, as they do sell out fast. It is recommended that you book 1 to 3 weeks in advance during peak season.

Where do the helicopter tours depart from?

If you’re interested in visiting the Grand Canyon, there are helicopter tours available from different locations. These tour providers depart from Grand Canyon West Rim, Las Vegas Terminals, & Grand Canyon South Rim,as well as Boulder City. Maverick Helicopters departs from the Las Vegas Strip across from Mandalay Bay & they also have a terminal at Grand Canyon South Rim, 5 Star Helicopters ( 1 block off the strip at Harry Reid Airport ), Papillon Helicopters has 2 locations, 2 blocks from the strip at the Atlantic Air Terminal and at the Boulder City Airport ( 30 minutes from Las Vegas.

Take A Las Vegas – West Rim Helicopter Tour

Las Vegas helicopter tours will provide you with several tempting options. This includes the option to land on the bottom of Grand Canyon West with 30 minutes of ground time to explore and photograph this natural wonder. You also have the option to book a sunset flight, which helps you capture the beautiful sights of bright, blinking lights on the Vegas Strip at night, it’s like 2 tours in 1. ( The Night Strip Flight costs $154.00 alone ), so you save a bundle.  You can also do a combination tour with landing on the top of the canyon rim with anywhere from 1 to 4 hours of rim time. If it’s in your budget then you can do it all. Fly to the top and the bottom of the canyon, the tour takes about 7 hours hotel to hotel.

If you’re short on time then Vegas Tours offers a quick fly over the Hoover Dam, Las Vegas Valley, Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon with no landing. You can also request champagne for a wonderful experience with your friends or a loved one with all bottom landing flights, such as the Wind Dancer ( our most popular ). The prices for these packages can vary depending on how you wish to customize them.

When at the West Rim, you can see some amazing sights at Eagle Point, Skywalk, or Guano Point. This tour is with our Skywalk Odssey tour or the longer version with the Grand Canyon Indian Territory Flight.

Las Vegas Helicopter Tour at Grand Canyon South Rim

A valued tour service provider can take you to the delightful sights at the Grand Canyon South Rim by helicopter. With the Grand Canyon South Rim helicopter tour, you can fly all over the beautiful Dragons Corridor. This is Grand Canyon’s deepest and widest section.

The South Rim offers you a collection of viewpoints that offer you some panoramic visits minus the crowd. Moreover, you can also view some fantastic sunsets and sunrises on your way to Grand Canyon exploration. You get to see the aerial view of sections such as Desert View Drive, Hermit Road, and the Grand Canyon Village.

Near the Grand Canyon Village, you can check out sights such as the Mather Point, Yaki Point, Yavapai Point, & the Ooh Aah Point. Additionally, along the Hermit Road, you get to experience the aerial beauty of Powell Point, Pima Point, and Mohave Point.

Benefits of Vegas Helicopter Tour

Given the benefits of a Las Vegas helicopter tour, it is becoming our most popular sightseeing experience. When Las Vegas firsst brought the helicopter tours to this fabulous city, helicopter tours were preserved only for the well to do. However, today the prices have become cheaper and can be afforded by most visitors.

Plus, companies today also provide several discounts on their existing packages that allow customizations as well. If you are someone who has been seeking a birds-eye view of the Grand Canyon tourist spots, Booking with Vegas tours are the way to go.

Aerial View with Las Vegas Tours

A known yet enticing benefit of opting for a helicopter tour is the access to an aerial view. You can enjoy amazing views of locations that aren’t easily accessible by bus or road. You also get a chance to enjoy various perspectives of landmarks, buildings, & natural treasures of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Even if these places are something you have visited by road, you get to have a amazing experience that will last forever in your memories.

Enjoy A Traffic-Free View Of The Canyon

The best thing about the Grand Canyon South Rim and West Rim helicopter tour is the absence of traffic. There won’t be any other structures that might obstruct your pathway, like a fallen tree or an under-construction road. Plus, you get to travel via the shortest distance point, helping you reach your destination in a shorter time frame.

Get Extra Time For Exploration

With Las Vegas tours, you also get to explore your destinations a bit longer. When you reach your destination before time, it implies that you can cover more places within your designated time frame. You will always be ahead of time if you are on a tight schedule when visiting the Grand Canyon.


You cannot deny the luxury you get to feel when you step on a helicopter to explore the Grand Canyon. Moreover, helicopter tours give you a rather private and personal experience while promising better views of areas that usually aren’t accessible on the road or by foot. You can also choose a front-row seating if the pilot allows after the weight considerations. However, during the busy season, make sure you pre-book your helicopter tour to avoid last-minute hassles.

Are you looking for the best helicopter tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon? Book your tour today with the Vegas Tours. Choose from some of the best packages offered by us and get some amazing discounts. We offer free & easy cancellations with no hidden charges. So, book your trip to the Grand Canyon today by visiting our website. You can also get in touch with us at 1-866-218-6877 or write to us at