Pink Jeep Trekker and the Valley of Fire Day Tour

Pink Jeep Vehicles



First, the vehicle is disassembled to its bare minimum to begin the process. After fabrication in our custom shop, the canopy and seating are installed.

Fresh primer and paint ensure the Jeep always stays pink. We coat the floor, steps and grab handles with colored bed liner.

We then upgrade the axles, suspension, and gearing to improve the Jeep’s ability to crawl over tough terrain. To reduce any bumps, we add heavy-duty springs and shock absorbers.  The entire process takes about 9 weeks.


Our iconic rides start stock, but they don’t stay that way for long. Pink® Jeep® Wranglers are customized from top to bottom to ensure your tour is always safe, comfortable and exciting. The final product offers extra passenger room, a superior on-road ride, and amazing rock climbing capabilities.

Jeep Mini

Jeep Minis


Luxurious yet rugged, this cutting-edge vehicle is the first of its kind. In 2004, owner Shawn Wendell needed an off-road vehicle that could travel long distances while offering comfort and luxury. Nothing in the market met Shawn’s vision, so he collaborated with Chrysler to build a custom vehicle. The entire project took nearly four years.

Jeep Trekker

And that’s how it’s all done…..

Now that you see how much pride Pink Jeep takes in their equipment you really have to experience first hand a Pink Jeep Adventures.

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