Hoover Dam Museum – What to Expect from the Visit

Hoover Dam is one of the most iconic structures in the world and not just in the USA. When it was completed, it was the World’s largest concrete structure. It is also known by its other name: Boulder Dam. You can take Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas and visit the dam and the museum and many other destinations.

The Hoover Dam attracts almost 1 million visitors in a year and one of the most popular tourist destinations. Its history is equally fascinating like the structure itself. One of the popular places to visit on Hoover Dam tours from Vegas is the Hoover Dam museum. If you want to know more about this great structure, you will find everything in the Museum and more.

Find out what the Museum has to offer.

Where Is the Museum?

The Boulder City, Hoover Dam Museum is located in the Boulder Dam Hotel. The hotel was built in 1933 and it is also an iconic/historical structure in USA. It is fitting that the historic museum is located within a historic structure. It is on the first floor of the hotel. The hotel was built to accommodate the visiting government and project managers responsible for supervising the construction.

Many people visit the museum while on a Hoover Dam tour. Look for hoover dam tours from Las Vegas and you can easily visit this amazing place without any hassle. You will also get to visit many other places. Available on selected tours only.

What You Will Get To See Here?

The museum is an excellent place to visit and explore history as it offers interactive, 3D exhibits and provides details about the dam construction and more. You will get to learn about the dam constructions with vivid details. Additionally, you will also learn about the great stock market crash in 1929 and the Great Depression. As you know, the Great Depression resulted in huge unemployment. Which is why, so many men and women traveled to the Nevada desert and tool part in the construction of the dam.

The interactive experience includes pictures, oral history, artifacts and more. Apart from the complexity and danger of the dam construction, you will also get to see images from the ordinary life during this period. It is an amazing experience for history lovers. A 20-minute film on the construction of the dam is also available for the viewing. Book Hoover Dam tours from Vegas and enjoy this amazing time with friends and family.

Know What it Was Like for the People

One of the reasons why people like to visit the museum is to know more about the dreadful time. Boulder City was established for thousands of people who traveled to Nevada for work. There was nothing there at that time and the city was established to accommodate the workers and their family.

In the museum, you will get to listen to the stories of how people lived in the city and in the Hoover Dam construction site during those desperate years. Women had to establish households in the  sandy waste of the Colorado River. Building the dam was not easy work and there were risks associated with it. The place was tough during the summer and winter even without the daily struggles of the people.

You can find answers to so many questions like how they survived, how the children lived during that time, did workers die during the construction and more.

What Is The Best Way To Visit The Boulder Dam Museum?

Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas is one of the best ways to visit the location. It is part of the tour and you will also get to visit so many other places too. You can choose a bus tour, VIP tour, SUV tour, and more. You can travel in comfort and luxury. The best part of Hoover Dam tours from Vegas is that you don’t have to do anything. You will be picked up from your hotel and dropped back.

The Bottom Line

The Hoover Dam Museum is an important part of the Dam. It is not only a historic building, but it is a place where you learn about the history of the dam construction. For the history lovers, this is a great place to be. Book Hoover Dam tours and enjoy the visit to a great place.

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