Pink Jeep Guest and Guide on the Valley of Fire Plateau


Pink Jeep and Guest at Grand Canyon Over Look

Maverick Airlines / Pink Jeep Announces New Combination Tour To Grand Canyon



Pink Jeep Adventures has partnered with Maverick Airlines with the newest Grand Canyon National Park Tour at the South Rim. The flight is in the Beech 1900 Aircraft. Luxury Airplane with pressured cabin and air conditioning. Very Fast and comfortable.

In this Grand Canyon tour, you’ll explore the Grand Canyon by air and land to see one of the world’s seven natural wonders from every angle. As our most immersive tour, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled, 360-degree experience, including a jeep tour led by our Certified Interpretive Guide, who knows this destination inside and out.

Your guided ground tour of the South Rim starts at a remarkable photo stop at the aptly named Duck-on-a-Rock formation where your expert, local guide introduces you to the canyon and its astounding flora and fauna.

Next, Grandview Point gives you incredible views and photo ops. You learn the history of the now absent Grandview Hotel while viewing some of the widest views across the canyon and down slot canyons.

At Pipe Creek Vista, you’ll stare down a beautifully colored canyon that carves its way into the greater whole of the Grand Canyon. From here, look out to see Vishnu Schist—the oldest rocks at the Grand Canyon. You’ll also see Hance Rapids, some of the most violent whitewater on the Colorado River.

Then, Yavapai Point leaves an unforgettable memory for which to share. This lookout fills your senses with the canyon’s astounding colors, depth, and wildlife. A short walk away, observe the mighty gorge through a wall of windows at Yavapai Geology Museum, and check out historical exhibits.

The flight departs at the Maverick Airlines terminal at the Henderson Executive Airport and after a short flight to Grand Canyon, South Rim Pink Jeep will give you a personal, hands-on tour along the rim.

More Info: Call and reserve your seat NOW @ 866-218-6877 or visit to reserve online