Tourist at Over Look at Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Day Tours From Vegas

The Grand Canyon needs no introduction for millions of people who visit the National Park every year. It is one of the most popular parks in the world, stretching for 277 river miles long. The beautiful rock formations with stunning colors, natural habitats and tribal culture, is perfect for a day trip from Las Vegas.

As everyone knows that the Grand Canyon has four Rims of which the South and West Rims are the most popular ones. Both the West Rim and South Rim is perfect for a day trip if you are looking for a Grand Canyon small group tour. Plan a trip and get ready to enjoy your tour with many different photo stops along the way. If you’re in Vegas for a few days try to fit one of our exciting excursions into your schedule, you’ll be glad you did !

Here is the itinerary for a day trip to the Grand Canyon:

  • Advantages of a Small Group Tour

A Grand Canyon small group tour for a day trip is perfect as it comes with many perks. Unlike large groups, small groups are less crowded, more personal and offers a hands on experience that offers you more time to explore and learn about the canyon.

Enjoy your narrated tour to the Grand Canyon West Rim with people who share similar interests. Traveling in a small group is more comfortable and enjoyable. Many people don’t like traveling in a large group. For them, a small group tour is a convenient option. There will be less hassle and more time for exploring with a knowledgble and experienced tour guide.

  • Enjoy the Views

Traveling in a Luxury Mercedes Sprinter will provide you with the fantastic views while you are driving to Grand Canyon West. You will be stopping briefly at the Dolan Springs and then you will drive through the Joshua Tree Forest. When you reach the West Rim, you can enjoy the amazing views of Grand Canyon West. It is home to the Hualapai Indians, people of the tall pines.  Here you will have 3 hours to explore the West Rim on your own. Checkout the amazing Skywalk, Indian Village and the surroundings, at the Hualapai Ranch. There are many options to choose from including a boat ride on the Colorado River, Top to Bottom of the canyon by helicopter or take an extended helicopter flight thru the canyon with landing on the bottom at a private landing spot.

  • Hoover Dam

Before you reach the Grand Canyon West Rim, you will be making a photo stop at the Hoover Dam. ( available with most tours ) Like the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam is a equally stunning manmade structure. It was once the tallest dam in the world. After so many years, it still stands tall and high over the Colorado River, providing water and power to the surrounding Las Vegas Valley.

Your  Grand Canyon small group tour, will make a stop at the Hoover Dam Overlook from where you can view the Lake Mead and the Mike O’Callahan/ Pat Tillman bridge. There are many photo opportunities here. If you want to explore the Hoover Dam in more details, you can always book a tour for a different day. Pink Jeep Tours offers a combination Tour including the Hoover Dam. Grand Canyon West Rim Combination Tour

  • Activities

After enjoying the stunning views, and taking a lot of pictures, you can then enjoy lunch at Guano Point or at the Hualapai Ranch. And, if you like, you can also take part in some interesting activities like learning to rope like a cowboy, learn horseback riding close to the West Rim or ride a mechanical bull. All these activities are fun-filled and will definitely make your visit memorable and more fun. A great place for childrens activities.

At  Guano Point, you can view the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River at the height the height of 4000 feet. This is one of the most popular vantage points on the West Rim that offers the most stunning views of the canyon. Next, Eagle Point is known for the “Eagle” that is naturally formed in the canyon wall acroos from the Skywalk. And is famous in the Hualapai legend. You can purchase Skywalk tickets upon arrival at canyon west or it may included in some of the tour packages. The glass bridge is located preciously 4000 feet above the ground. The view from the Skywalk is breathtaking and will surely make your visit worth every second.

The Bottom-line

If you have less time, but you still want some adventure, a Grand Canyon small group tour to Grand Canyon West is a perfect choice, as it is only 2.5 / 3 hours from Las Vegas. A day trip to the Grand Canyon West will take you to the Hoover Dam and many popular vantage points. Travel comfortably in a luxury Mercedes Sprinter and let the Grand Canyon tell its story. Some providers use SUV’s and 4×4’s as well as H2 Hummer Tours or custom mini coaches.

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