Grand Canyon Bus Tours – Amazing Things to Do While Traveling

Grand Canyon Bus Tours – Amazing Things to Do While Traveling

Planning a trip to Grand Canyon? Choose Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas as it will take care of the whole trip. You can choose from a wide selection of Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas. It comes with all the comforts and facility to make your trip a pleasant experience. Grand Canyon bus tours from Las Vegas can take 10 to 14 hours round trip, depending on which canyon rim you go to, West or South Rim. Which means, you need to plan well.

The best thing about booking a tour with Vegas Tours is that you don’t have to plan anything. Except to plan what day you want to tour. A little prepping will make your trip even more interesting.

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Why Choose Bus Tours

You can choose from a wide range of tours based on your mode of traveling. For instance, you can choose bus tours or a bus and helicopter combination tour or a small group tour with 12 to 27 passengers in a custom Mercedes Sprinter or Custom Limo Van. Grand Canyon bus tours from Las Vegas are one of the best options if you want to save some money. It is an excellent option for group traveling. Around 55 to 60 people can travel in a coach bus. So, if it’s a field trip or office trip, a bus tour to Grand Canyon is the best. If you want a more personal experience then a small group tour would be best. Note: There are currently no small group tours to the South Rim at this time other than a private tour with up to 9 or 10 passengers.

Apart from being spacious, bus tours are also affordable. You can save money as the cost is shared by many. It all depends on personal preference.

Note that there is only 2 major bus lines offering tours to the South Rim National Park. And with limited availabilty.

Before the Trip

Before the trip starts, you should take care of a few things. For instance, make a list of things that you expect from a tour operator. Here are a few suggestions for preparing for a Grand Canyon bus tour:

  • Plan and Organize

As you know, you can book a bus tour online. Choose from various best Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas. Then you need to organize the things you will need on the trip. Make sure that you carry all your important personal things like medicines, walking shoes and more. Small backpacks are allowed, but no metal frames or hard sided luggage, nothing with wheels. You can bring snacks and drinks ( no glass containers ). No alcohol. No Smoking. Some tours offer a light continental breakfast on board and some do not. Lunch is always provided.

  • Restrooms

The tour can last over eleven hours and part of it you will spend inside the bus. So, hire a bus tour that comes with attached restrooms. Luxury bus tours to Grand Canyon come with this facility. Vegas Tours offer luxury coaches that come with clean and sanitized restrooms for the travelers.

  • Climate Control

It is important that the bus tour also has climate control facility. It will be a long trip and climate control feature will make everything comfortable inside. For instance, the inside of the bus should have ideal temperature and clean air. Luxury tour coach buses from Vegas Tours come with this facility to make things comfortable for everyone. Before booking your trip do check that this facility is available.

  • Comfortable Seats

Luxury buses have comfortable seats so that travelers can sit for long hours conveniently. Not just that, the seats should be spacious with leg room and reclining facility. The seats should be comfortable enough to make it a relaxing trip as much as possible. Traveling for hours will have some effect on the body. But comfortable seats can reduce the effects.

  • Narrated Tours

Narrated tours are the best. Expert guides will provide entertaining information and tidbits about Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and various other destination. Most motorcoach tours do not offer tours in different languages, but some small group tours have this option.

Things to On a Grand Canyon Bus Tour

While you are traveling in a coach bus, you can enjoy things like:

  1. Listen to Narration

Listen to the guide’s narration as it will provide you information and interesting facts like how old is Grand Canyon.

  1. Watch Video Movies

You can also watch the video movies while traveling on the bus. If you have been to Grand Canyon multiple times and don’t want to listen to narration, this is a good option. The tour coaches also show current movies as seen on cable TV. ( G Rated )

  1. Enjoy Panoramic Views

Bus coaches have large windows that offers stunning views of the outside. You can enjoy the panoramic views while traveling to the Grand Canyon.

The Bottom Line

Grand Canyon bus tours are one of themost economical & best ways to enjoy a trip to the world’s most beautiful natural structure. It comes comfortable seating, climate control, narration and much more. All these things will make your trip great.

Vegas Tours offers the best Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas. You can easily book your tour online by selecting from various options. We offer a wide range of selection of traveling options including bus tours, SUV, mini bus, and more.

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