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Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA (6 Reviews)
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Grand Canyon Explorer

Grand Canyon National Park Airplane Tour with landing. Explore Grand Canyon National Park and enjoy enjoy the awe-inspiring vistas, panoramic overlooks. Scenic views of Hoover Dam, Colorado River, Mather Point, Bright Angel Lodge

Grand Canyon Explorer / Duration: 7.5 Hrs Hotel to Hotel

Retail / Strip / Hotel Price  $369.00 
Vegas Price $339.00
Book Now – Save: $30.00 per person

Tour Highlights and What’s included On This Adventure. ( SORRY, BUT THIS TOUR HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY PAUSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE …… )

  • Price is All Inclusive. No Hidden fees!
  • Courtesy Hotel pick and return
  • Departure: Henderson Executive Airport
  • Beachcraft 1900D Airplane
  • Grand Canyon National Park
  • Incredible views of Mather Point
  • Overlook Point
  • Bright Angel Lodge
  • Dragon Head
  • Battle Ship
  • Tower of Ra
  • Temple Rock
  • Sumner Point
  • Phantom Ranch
  • Hoover Dam
  • Lake Mead
  • Fortification Hill – extinct volcano
  • Colorado River
  • Shop for souvenirs
  • Includes Lunch
  • Walk the trails
  • Pilot Narration.
  • Fantastic Photo opportunities
  • Free 48 Hr Cancellations
  • Book Now and Save $$
  • Pay only on the day of the tour

Your ultimate adventure will begin with a 40-minute flight to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim aboard a Maverick’s Beechcraft 1900D aircraft.

Your journey continues with ground transportation into the Grand Canyon National Park to enjoy the awe-inspiring vistas, panoramic overlooks and trails that can only be accessed from inside the park.

You’ll enjoy exploring the historic Bright Angel Lodge, built in 1935, and Mather Point, which boasts some of the most inspiring views of the canyon. A gourmet box lunch will be served as you absorb the magnificence of the Grand Canyon and capture memories to last a lifetime.

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Tour Available Days and Time
Monday 10:00 AM
Tuesday 10:00 AM
Wednesday 10:00 AM
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6 Reviews
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Ohn S.

All I can say is that I had an absolutely perfect day visiting the Grand Canyon thanks to Maverick Airlines .... well, I can say more than that, but that is where I will start. I booked my Grand Canyon Air Explorer tour directly through Maverick on their website. Some consolidators were a couple dollars less, but when I saw Maverick planes on their website, I decided to go straight to the source. I got picked up at my hotel by a friendly driver. In the only glitch of the day, the driver was 20 mins late because there was a no show another hotel. She did apologize, but I would have preferred that the dispatcher call me and let me know what was going on. The Henderson Exec Airport is about 15-20 minutes South of the Strip. Once there, we were welcomed into a lounge with comfy seating, a gift shop, a cafe, and bathrooms. After a couple minutes we were called up to the desk to be weighed and checked in - so don't lie about your weight on your reservation. Use the bathroom before you board the plane because there is no bathroom on the plane. The info says that you are subject to normal TSA regs for liquids, but I had a water bottle in my bag and didn't get searched - water is $5 at Grand Canyon airport. Our pilots called us over for their safety briefing and then on to the airplane - a Beechcraft 1900 - with a pro picture before we boarded. You can take your own shots of the plane at Grand Canyon airport. Once in the air, our pilots did a great job of letting us know when photo opps were coming up. There is a map with the highlights of the flight in the seat back pocket. Once we got to our cruising altitude, we were able to walk up to the cockpit and take pictures and ask questions. Overall, Toni and Charlie were amazing - professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. After about 45-50 minutes we landed at Grand Canyon airport. After securing the plane, we took a 2-3 minute shuttle ride to the terminal. The Grand Canyon airport is a very small facility, but they do have comfy seating, a cafe, and bathrooms. You can also buy drinks here - they do not sell bottled beverages in the gift shops in the national park. Our shuttle driver - Bruce from Trenton - was the highlight of the trip ... well, except for that hole in the ground as he called the Grand Canyon. Despite having been up since 4am due to another charter he did, he was informative, friendly, and hilarious. He was also serious about his job and put the safety and enjoyment of his passengers ahead of everything else. After a few minutes to use the bathroom, we got back on the shuttle for the 20 minute ride into the park. The only thing in the way of you getting to the Grand Canyon is how quickly you get back on the shuttle so don't dawdle. We were dropped at Bright Angel Lodge with our lunch and instructions to be back in an hour. Our lunch was a turkey croissant, chips, a cookie, and a bottle of water. Mustard and Mayo are also provided. It was a passable box lunch, but you won't come back just for the lunch. Bright Angel is a nice spot and there is a little gift shop right on the edge of the rim. To the left is the entrance to the Bright Angel trail. If you would like to get a view below the rim, I suggest forgoing the canyon selfies and lunch and immediately hit the trail. Even if you are not going on the helicopter ride, there is no trail below the rim at Mather Point, but plenty of time to take selfies and eat. Just remember that it will take you twice as long to get up as it did to get down. You are at 6000 feet so, if you live at sea level like me, you will tire a little more easily than normal. After an hour, we took the 5 minute drive to Mather Point. Bruce dropped off the people that were too cheap to buy the helicopter upgrade (me included) before taking the heli people to the airport. The heli people told me the upgrade is well worth it and gives you an amazing perspective on the canyon. Due to air restrictions the helicopter takes a route to the West all the way over to the North rim. Mather Point features a wide paved trail and amazing views. There are lots of idiots that are going far out onto the rocks - don't do it! Seeing dozens of people doing it will be small comfort as you fall several thousand feet to the canyon floor. There is also a visitor center at Mather Point. Getting back to the parking lot at Mather is confusing so be aware After an hour, we stopped back at the terminal to pick up the heli people and use the bathroom. Then back on the plane to Henderson where shuttle drivers were waiting to take us back to the hotel. All in all, an 8 hour day door to door. My advice to you is - DO THIS TOUR. Maverick is a first class operation. The extra $ over the bus is a small price to pay to save 8 hours of your vacay. It was a comfortable day with plenty of time for the casual tourist to see the canyon firsthand and still have plenty of time to lose money at the tables.



Took the Grand Canyon Explorers tour. Because the 8am tour was fully booked, I ended up on the 2pm tour. Got picked up at my hotel around 12:45. The staff were all very nice and helpful. The pilots called us together a few minutes before 2pm to give us instructions for the flight. Tom and Charlie were very nice, very professional, and very gorgeous. That last part was definitely a nice bonus. The plane has seating that offers views for everyone and after the plane gets higher than 10,000 feet, Tom & Charlie invited us to visit them in their cockpit to take pictures. I was too scared to leave my seat during the trip going to the canyon, but did take advantage of the invitation on the return flight. Absolutely stunning views, especially because it was sunset by the time we headed back to Las Vegas. Tom & Charlie took pictures for me of the views and even took pictures with me. They were great in pointing out landmarks we could see outside of the windows. In Tusayan, we were met by the tour bus operator, Marion. Besides the dry jokes, he was awesome! Gave clear instructions. We spent about an hour at Bright Angel Lodge and about 45 minutes at Mather Point. When you're intent on taking as many pictures of the canyon as I was, that 1 hr 45 min goes by rather quickly especially after stopping to eat some of the boxed lunch that's included in the tour. I would absolutely recommend the 2pm Explorers tour. You'll be able to take pictures pretty close to sunset which makes for awesome photographs. Definitely take a camera. Your cellphone just won't capture the Grand Canyon adequately. Of course, I'm not sure any camera could adequately capture the beauty of the canyon.


Amanda D.

I was so happy with our experience and felt it was work the money. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly, the building's were clean, the plane was clean, the lunch was pretty good for being a box lunch (it was fresh at least), the staff always informed us on what to expect and when we should get a snack or use the restrooms because it would be awhile before we had access to bathrooms again. Which was important since we had kids with us. And the restrooms were very clean. Overall and I am glad we spent the money and did the trip. I have lived in Vegas 15 years and hadn't seen the Grand Canyon yet and it was worth every penny! I highly recommend going thru Maverick if you are going to see the Grand Canyon. I have also done the strip tour with Maverick at night, twice and love that too. It's another much do if you are visiting from out of town.



Just down right AMAZING! Great staff and courteous community. I was picked up on time from a Vegas property and shuttled to their hangar in Henderson, NV. This is a very short 30-40 min drive. Thereafter, we relaxed and waited to join the larger group to fly over to the Grand Canyon South Rim. I plan to return in the near future to take a larger group over via their jet. Be sure to add the helicopter tour!



We had an extremely memorable trip to the Grand Canyon thanks to Maverick Airlines. Our female pilot (#ladyboss) landed quite comfortably considering the high winds! Go girl! My husband & I both had the Grand Canyon on our bucket list so I decided to make it happen. We love Las Vegas so it was an easy segue once I discovered Maverick. They pick you up from your hotel via sprinter & drive you to a private airport. From there, you check in/weigh in & get ready to board! They offer restrooms, a small cafe & lots of souvenirs for purchase. While flying over the Hoover Dam & the West Rim the pilots offer some bits of information & historical facts. It's fascinating & awesome to view from up high. They also invite guests to walk about the plane to get a view from different vantage's so all passengers can get a good luck. The plane is a twin prop, no frills but I still found the seats more comfortable than SW. Once you arrive, a sprinter takes you to two destinations: Bright Angel Lodge & Mather Point. They are incredible vistas & you have an hour or so to walk around & take it in. If you are unsure if the GC is up your alley this is a great, abbreviated way to visit without the commitment to drive. It's also a pleasurable & leisurely way to make the trek from Vegas. I believe I read on the website you can opt to fly back on a different day, so fly in one day & return another which allows for even more flexibility. We loved using Maverick as it allowed us to maximize our time & check off the bucket list item. The Grand Canyon itself is as epic as you'd imagine. If the driving is holding you back check out Maverick!



Had a fab time with Maverick! Flight to south rim of the canyon was amazing! Even more so when the pilots let me go up to the cockpit and take pictures from the front of the plane, even videod for me and gave a commentary of where we were and then took some photos and a selfie with him and his co pilot and me! Mick the trolley driver was great, funny and a wealth of knowledge and helpful! Mather Point and Bright Angel Fort were amazing and we couldn't have asked for a better day. Thanks everyone - you made an old man very happy (even tho he's only 60!). Have recommended you to loads of friends in Liverpool UK who are planning to go next year and family around the UK.

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